this is really bad
oh well
have to wait 3 hours for a lesson where the teacher isn't here just to get my mark and pick up work

i'll have been to college from 9 while 5 just for tow lessons and wont get home till half six
waaah miss school
  • Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful
  • Bella Swan Prom Night
  • I'm so sick of that same old love
  • You should be Here.

  • laughing 'til our ribs get tough
  • summer 2014
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  • We The Kings

  • Summer to Fall
  • Street style #20
  • Happy Halloween
  • Windy fall :3

  • spring set
  • Без названия #275
  • Без названия #274
  • Kristen

  • was sorta hoping that you'd stay..
  • He makes me shine like diamonds.
  • All I wanted was to break your walls, all you ever did was wreck me
  • When you hear this song I hope it will give you hell; You can sing along, I hope it puts you through heeeell♥

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