Top set for the 11th of June) A massive thanks to @polyvore and @polyvore-editorial
♫♬Sofi de la Torre- Faster♫♬
Hi, guys! OMG, it feels like I haven´t published a set for my whoooole life already!) And I really missed doig this, so yeah...finally)
1) Happy Summer, everyone! We all have been waiting for it for sooooo long and finally it's here)
2) Congrats to our super lovely Sky ( @skylar72 )! She's a sister now and she has such a cuuuute newborn bro))
3) My dear Italians, hope you had a fine day! Becuase the 2nd of June was a national holiday there- Festa della Repubblica Italiana) So to pur italiani @wambliwakan, @enyate96, @klary1, @mrsvalo, @mariapia65, @milkandabsinth, @valentina-agnese, @esse-is-for-sabrina, @kaliam, @ginevra-18, @newyorkismysoul, @chiara3012, @cheroro, @efunny77 and maaany others!
4) I just want to confess that I'm simply fascinated by sets created by @limabean-347!!!! They're ASDFGHJKL......So, dear @limabean-347 I'm your biggest fan!!!! ANd everytime I see your new set my jaw just falls down! thank you for your amazing sets, wonderful items and everything*))
5) I watched a film called Rubinrot a few days ago. And can you believe, it's just sooooooo good, I'm in love with it and I can't stop thinking of it. I found soundtracks and they're so cool. The singer is Sofi de la Torre and my soundtrack to the set is one of her songs, so you can listen to it and they're wonderful!!!!
6) It was my Birthday in May and that was so cooool!!!! I got IPhone 5 from my parents and it's wooow!!!! Also I got an Artisan Parfumer amazing perfume which I'm addicted to( that was from my grandparents)! And my aunt gave me an electronic mani/pedi set, so now I can do amazing manicure and my nails will always be cute! And my another aunt gave me a chance to have a professional photosession and I'll have many cool photos! I promise that I will set them as my profile pics here))
7) I'VE BEEN TO PARIS!!! I still can't believe! Paris is my dreamcity, it's incredible!!! I loved every minute of it, every second. And can you imagine that we went there by train!!! So we had to arrend a carriage with 4 compartments as long as there were 8 of us- mum, dad, me, 3 sisters, 1 bro, and granny!
And we had such a good time in a train, especially with PhotoBooth on Mac)) Also in every compartment there was a bath, and big beds)) And first the restaurant there was russian, but the next day it was polish and OMG!!! I tried scrumbled eggs with Nutella, my goodness!)) It fels like a paradise) And also I tried peanut butter, it was wow!)) Now I'm a maniac) And I just want to tell that Polish people were very nice)) @myduza-and-koteczka 
In Paris we stayed at a nice hotel L'Empire-
And I visited many places, but I like St.Louis isle where we ate ice-cream that was perfect))
And of course I went shopping!)) I bought some cool stuff, like:
1. This denim vest, adoooore it:
and there's also an e-shop, so if you're interested you can purchase smth, they have really cool things!
2. This shirt, but it looks better alive than on the pic-
3. A dress for my prom (well, it's not a prom but I just finish my middle school and there will be left only 2 years of high school((
But this dress from Sandro is sooo cool, So yeah, here's the dress:,15,4,17,847781 It was also in a very light blue colour, but it didn't match me.
4. And ballerinas from Pablo-
5. i found a very cuuuute shop called Pylones, check it out! It has wonderful stuff)
6. And cute pyjamas from my fav Etam-

And also there were some of my fav shops like Naf Naf, Sephora, American Vintage etc.
But I found a cute mint and white polka dot bikini at Promod, bit the size was big for me( 
And I tried french macarons, they were Mamma Mia! Omg! So tasty) And of course croissants that I'll never forget!
And of course we visited Disneyland and It was awesome)
So I'll never forget this journey!
And I still have exams, I've taken 3 out of 4 already- Maths, Literature, Russian and only English is left, it'll be tomorrow! But can you imagine that all the answers and tasks are in the Internet and the government tries to do smth with this, but we're having just GIA exams (they're called GCSE in the UK) but some student s're having EGE (they're A level exams) and they can eneter the best universities in the country with such good marks but can you imagine what specialists we'll have after that???
So, anyway, I'm sooo happy! Sorry for this long dedication, I just have much to tell you.
Please, tell me if you're having exams too or if you've already taken them! Write me below in the comments if you have smth inetersting, or even if you don't!!!!!
I hope you liked the set, though I'm not so please with it*)))
Have lovely hot days and listen to good music)
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