Notre Dame's gargoyles {in black&white}
Jack Black as Hugo
Meryl Streep as Laverne
Robert Redford as Victor

The Groups:


I was tagged by @oedipus in her superb set:
A - available: yes
B – birthday: november 7th
C - crushing on: Tom Hiddleston (don't you say???), 
 Chris Hemsworth, Bradley James and, recent one, Darren Criss. But there's so many, I don't want to annoy you
D - drink you last had: water
E - easiest person to talk to: my best friend, Laura
F - favourite song: pff only one? no way, every songs means something to me
G - gummy bears or gummy worms: bears 
H – hometown: Florence
I - in love with: fashion
K - killed someone: OMG no! Even if...
L - longest car ride: no license here
M - milkshake flavour: don't like milkshakes
N - number of siblings: one
O - one wish: invisible power!
P - person that called you last: friend
R - reason to smile: because someone doesn't have it at all
S - song you last sang: Without You performed by Glee Cast 
T - time you woke up: you don't want to know it, trust me
U - underwear colour: red (sexy!)
V - vegetable: salad 
W - worst habit: too shy with boys I like 
X - x-rays you had: no one
Y - years living where you live: since forever 
Z - zodiac sign: scorpio
favorite animal: horses 
what color do you wear most?: in summer yellow and white, in winter red and black 
least favorite color : pink
what are you listening to : Beyoncè, Madonna and 30STM
what is your favorite class in school? astronomy 
when do you start back at school/college? october
are you outgoing? usually yes
favourite pair of shoes?: sneackers and biker boots
can you dance?: yes sir, hip hop
can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: no
can you cross your eyes?: yes
can you whistle? : no
walk with your toes curled? : no 
do you believe there is life on other planets? : Absolutely yes, space is too big for us only
do you believe in miracles?: i believe in Fate
do you believe in magic?: between two people
do you believe in love at first sight?: absolutely
do you believe in Santa? : i did 
do you like roller coasters? : yes 
have you ever been on a plane? : yes
have you ever asked someone out?: not yet
have you ever been asked out by someone?: yes
have you ever been to the ocean? yes 
have you almost drowned in the ocean once?: ehm no
what is the temperature outside? 41°C
what radio stations do you listen to? I don't usually listen to radio 
what was the last thing you bought? : green skirt
What was the last thing on TV you watched? : MTV
Who was the last person you took a picture of? my father (yesterday was his birthday)
Ever really cried your heart out?: it happened
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: No but only because I'm not able to
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: yes
Ever cried over the opposite sex? yes
Do you cry when you get an injury? yes
Do songs make you cry? Sad and emotional songs
Are you a happy person?: yes
what is your current hair color? dark brown, my natural colour
your eye color? black
what are you wearing? tracksuit
short or long hair? medium
height?: ehm don't know :D

i tag only:
@queenb-nyc (when you'll back honey)
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