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Chapter five: Home alone

- Alexis's POV -
We stayed there for awhile, just sitting together. After the sun set we got up and decided to head home. He kissed me, and I jumped on his back.
"When are we gonna tell Rydel?" I asked.
He stopped. "I guess when we get home?" he said, but more like a question than an answer.
"Okay. Both of us, or just you, or me?"
"I figured both. Together..." he trailed.
I kissed him. "Okay."
He smiled and he started walking again. It only took about 15 minutes to get to the Lynches from the beach so we were home pretty soon. I jumped off his back and he took my hand. I smiled and we walked inside. My family was gone, and so was everyone else. We looked at each other and walked upstairs to his room. He kissed me and I kissed back. We were home alone so it didn't matter. 
"Want to watch a movie?" he asked.
"Yeah. How about 'Pitch Perfect'?" I suggested.
He nodded, got it off the shelf and put it in. He grabbed the remote and laid on his bed beside me.

- Ross's POV -
Alexis was laying on my bed, ready to watch the movie and I laid next to her. I kissed her softly and smiled. She leaned her head on my chest and I laid my head on her hair. The movie started and about halfway through we both starting falling asleep. "Alexis?" I whispered.
"Yeah, Ross?" she whispered back.
"Good night." I said and kissed her softly.


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ALSO - Haven't seen "Pitch Perfect"...If you have, tell me if it's good!!!
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