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Tonight's outfit. I'm leaving in like 2 hours or something like that. I'm not sure yet. cx

I'm pissed the fuckk off. So now I'm going to rant about somethings. c:

On the first topic, I hate adults. Mainly my parent's friends. My parent's friends are seriously annoying. Why am I saying this? Well, because my father's friend came over, and I was hanging out with Bill. And his friend was like "Oh my gosh, Skyler your so grown up! I remember when you were in diapers! You used to run around the house naked! You're a women now........Oh is this your boyfriend?" and he was obviously drunk. He. was. drunk. at. 2:30. in the afternoon. .____. Seriously? Why THE FUCKK would someone in their 40s be drunk at 2:30?

New topic. I love the new BlessTheFall song. c: I love the 'new' style. I mean it's obviously different, but it's a good different. What annoys me is, the comments on music videos. Like their anywhere from, "R.I.P Trayvon Martian" to "I hate their new sound" It just pisses me off. First of all, HOW THE FUCKK DOES Trayvon Martain come in to the BlessTheFall song? Seriously? I don't understand people. Their is a whole debate on the Martain Vs Zimmerman case. Why can't everyone shut the fuckk up and listen to the music. Then people are going to say the don't like the 'new' sound. If YOU don't like it, then OKAY, good for you! No one is going to care about YOU'RE comment. It's not going to effect BlessTheFall. They do what THEY want, Not what YOU want them too. 

Okay my rant is over. C: And now I feel better. cx So how's everyone's Friday been? Message me, I'm bored. c:
~Sky Blu

You Wear A Crown, But You're No King -BlessTheFall

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