Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanting to be haunted...

Kids ;; MGMT

Fairly good day.
Grabbed some Starbucks and went shopping with one of my best friends before she leaves for college up at NAU. Found out she might possibly be bi.
Met the new barista at my Starbucks and I may or may not be madly in love with him. He's quite gorgeous, but possibly gay.
After Starbucks, we went to go visit our friend who is recovering from an accident. Thursday night she was crossing a street when a truck hit her and drove away. She broke some ribs and a vertebra and is pretty badly scraped up and road-burned but is otherwise doing pretty well. She's at home and is able to walk around. So just keep her in your thoughts and hope she recovers quickly, I would greatly appreciate it ♥
After visiting her, we went to the mall. Quite a few attractive guys out and about. Got some undies from Victoria's Secret since it's the Semi-Annual Sale and they were like $3.99. I flacking love the Semi-Annual Sale♥
And tomorrow is the concert, which I am beyond ecstatic about. I will be getting nooo sleep at all tonight. Karylin is picking me up at 8 then we're heading up to Phoenix. Might possibly post my outfit for it up a little bit later.

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