If you can French braid, then you can easily do this 'waterfall' braid! ♥(:

-- --- -- ♥


O1; Start a normal French braid at the front on one side. Once the braid reaches your ear, start dropping a bit of hair each time the bottom piece of the braid is about to folded back into the braid. (Part of that third stays in the braid, part is left to drop down.)

O2; Keep braiding all around the braid, dropping a piece of hair on the bottom side of the braid each time that side is folded into the braid. the top side of the braid is just like a normal French braid.

O3; Once you get to the other side of the head, add in the front section of the hair a hair tie.

--- --- --- ♥

There you have it! Sorry for the short tip, but there is realy only three easy steps in making a waterfall braid ♥(:

If you follow this tip, please send in comments on how it worked ! PM pictures if you wish as well(:

- Rhianon // @infinityandbeyond-x 

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