Watermelon Cake
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  • Summer Cocktail Recipe Campari Mojito
    What do you collect when you travel? I have an acquisitive soul; linens and tiny ceramics and jewelry just happen to get squirreled away in my bags. But I've found that the best souvenirs of travel are the lightest to carry. When I travel, I look for new things to learn, like the soufflé I picked up in Paris, and the duck magret in Nice. My husband and I have also acquired cocktail recipes quite often in our travels, and I hardly need to tell you that these are my favorites. We just picked up a new one, a very summery cocktail from an unexpected place. It's a fizzy concoction of mint, lime, rum, and a hit of grapefruit from my favorite neon orange bottle. It's a little sweet, a little bitter, and totally, totally refreshing. This is my cocktail of the summer, folks.