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+ Dolores 'Lola' Remington ; 16. 
+ LIKES: music, gold stars, reading, knee-high socks, broadway, glee club, owls, singing, sweaters, barbra streisand. 
+ DISLIKES: wearing glasses, being insecure, getting slushied, bullies, popular people, sushi, not fitting in. 
+ BIO: Dolores, better known as Lola, is what people consider a nerd. Good grades, perfect behavior and absolutely no social skills. That's what she pretends to be, a nerd. She is intelligent and a bit awkward at times, yes, but she doesn't consider herself a nerd. She's more of an aspiring Broadway star. Lola is the most determined person that has ever walked down the hallways of McKinley. She knows what she wants for her future and she won't let anyone get in the way. Her wishes became a reality instead of a distant dream the moment she joined glee club, were she gets most solos. When she's singing, all her insecurities fade away and a confident person shines through. She has an amazing voice and no one can deny that. She's not loved by everyone, though. Some people think she's annoying, other people think that her dreams are stupid. Their comments might hurt her, but she does not let those people get to her head. She knows exactly what she wants and with her talent, she will get it. There's something her talent can do nothing about, though. She's desperately in love with a guy that probably doesn't know she exists. 
+ MODEL: Cara Delevingne. 


Who am I? Well, Lola Remington is the name. Don't forget it, you will soon see it in shining lights. I'm the next Broadway star and nothing will stop me from achieving that.

✮ Lola R.
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