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~The Mother We Share, CHVRCHES 

I spent a long time on this set. I like how it turned out. Set-making is really therapeutic for me, haha. Anyway, enjoy this springy summery set in the dead of winter! Although it's not even cold here. I mean it is, but it's only like 57 degrees fahrenheit, which is not bad compared to other places. 

Here's a little poem I wrote:

Today it is beautiful, mysteriously enticing, and alluring 
To be a victim
To be broken
To be troubled
Sad, forgotten, depressed, frowning
Today it's a beautiful thing to be hateful, to hate and to be hated in return
It's no longer beautiful
To be happy
Content, cheerful, resilient, strong
It's ugly to love and to be loved in return

When did things turn so upside down? When did it suddenly become unacceptable to have a smile on your face? 

If only we'd focus on the happy moments 
If only we'd stop glamorizing a troubled soul 
If only it was still okay to be okay 

[I know the poem is not written well, but it's how I feel. It's not my best lol]

#summer #spring #neon #green #bright #pink #gold #skirt #circleskirt #flowers #girly #fun #food #avocado #hotpink #fuchsia #magenta #tfios #johngreen
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