Chapter 2


I was so sad and angry with him, so I dreamt of how is used to be, when things were better.
It had been almost a year and a half since Harry and I first met. I was over one of my best friends' house that day. It was five of us actually. We were getting ready for Melanie's surprise. Her birthday was in 4 days and we couldn't wait. She was having a party for her 18th birthday. The other day we told her we were going the One Direction concert. She was so excited that she almost passed out. She didn’t believe us at first but then she was screaming uncontrollably and it took all for of us to calm her down. We all knew how much she loved Louis (a member from One Direction). Little did she know we had another big surprise for her. 
 We all decided to have a girl’s night and sleepover at Bianca’s house the night before the concert. First, we played all sorts of games. Emilee was winning all of them. “Left arm blue”, I call out. We tried to all put our left arms on blue, but yet again Emilee won because Bianca, Melanie, Aurora, and I fell over and started laughing. “Girls, your food is all set up for you, you guys can come and eat now”, says Bianca’s mom.
Thump, Thump, Thud, were all the sounds of us running for the food. “I’m starving” says Aurora.
“Well that’s nothing new”, Melanie and I say at the same time. There was so much food, there was; pizza, nachos, popcorn, cotton candy, chips, soda, doughnuts, cheesecake, and lots more food to choose from. “You guys know I can’t eat all this” Melanie says. “Oh right, you’re a model now, Bianca says mocking her and laughing. “Yes and I have to stay….
“Fit, we know, we know”, says Emilee eating some cheesy nachos. 
“Come on Mel, one day of fatty foods won’t hurt you, honestly you’re really fit”, I say.
“Well…. She hesitates for a moment and then agrees. 
“Okay I guess a bite or two couldn’t hurt. Do really think I’m fit” she says gleefully.
“Don’t push it”. 
“Fine I’ll take the compliment”. She laughs.
All the while Aurora, Emilee and Bianca are busy stuffing their faces. Aurora’s plate is full of everything on the table. 
“It’s not going to run away from you, slow down”, I say. We laugh uncontrollably.
“Huh”, she says, to busy to even know what we’re talking about.
Emilee stops for a second and look at Aurora in horror. We all stare back at Emilee.
“What”, Aurora says.
“I just don’t understand how you can let your food touch. I can’t stand that”.
“It really doesn’t bother me, it all goes down the same way”.
Emilee starts to squirm and cringe in her chair. We just simply laugh and go back to eating.

Soon after we’re finished and everything’s put away, we all hurry upstairs to talk about what’s happening tomorrow. We each sat down in Bianca’s guest room since it was so big and had two beds.
Aurora and I lay on the bed stomach down. Emilee grabs the chair at the desk nearby. Melanie lies down on her stomach, her head resting on hands with her feet up on the fluffy carpet in front of the bed. Bianca just plops down on the huge bean bag beside the bed. We’re all in a circle now.
“So Trish, Melanie says to me, where are our seats at the concert tomorrow”? Everyone looks at me, eager to know what I have to say.
“Well since you must know, they’re front row”.
“Front row”?? They all asked excitedly.
“How in the world were you able to get us front row tickets, Bianca asks almost screaming??
“Well….I hesitated, my uncle does some promoting for them and he was able to get me tickets”.
“I can’t believe you didn’t tell us this and we’re your best friends”, says Melanie. They all kind of stare at me and I could tell they were wondering how I could keep such a thing from them.
“I’m sorry, the thought never really crossed my mind and I barely even get to see my uncle”.
It’s true, I don’t even really hear from my uncle, that is until the other day when he called and told me he was in town. He asked if I wanted some concert tickets from the band that was playing at a nearby concert he was working. I never turn down free gifts so I said yes and he brought them by my house. I found out they were One Direction tickets when I looked at them since he failed to mention that part.
“It’s okay, we understand”, Aurora reassures me.
“I just really want to see Louis”, Melanie exclaims!
“I know how you feel. I want to see Liam”, Emilee says right after.
“I can’t wait to see Niall”, Aurora chirps in.
“Oh how I’d love to see Zayn”, Bianca adds.
“We should go to bed, it’s getting late”, I quickly say. They all look at me really confused. I get up lay in the other bed on the other side of the guest room and face the wall. 
“Oh come on, we know how much you want to see Harry and how you want him all to yourself”, Emilee says. Melanie rushes over and jumps on the bed. “Just admit it Trish, you love Harry and you want to kiss him and touch him and…” I cut her off.
“No, you’re wrong. You don’t know what you’re talking about”. She stands over me on the bed with a pillow in her hand. “You. Love. Him.”, she says hitting me each time she says a word. Everyone else joins in on this at my expense. 
“What did you say Trish, I don’t think we heard you”, says Emilee sarcastically. They all stop hitting me with the pillows. “I said Okay. I guess I have a *tiny*, I put emphasis on the word tiny, crush on Harry. He is kind of cute and he has dimples I could swim in”. “I knew you loved him”, Bianca adds.
“Yeah, yeah whatever. You guys finally got it out of me, now move because I’m tired”.
They are all smirking at me now. Why did I give them the satisfaction?
“Trish is right though you guys, it is getting kind of late”, Aurora says. “I need to get my beauty sleep”, Melanie adds in. “Why? It won’t make you any prettier”, says Bianca. The four of us started snickering at Melanie. Melanie then sticks her tongue out at Bianca and the rest of us. We did the same back to her.
“I’m going to sleep in my room”. “Okay BeBe, we’ll see you in the morning”, I say. Since there were two beds in the guest room we had to share. Bianca left out soon after we were all snug and comfy. “Until tomorrow….until tomorrow”, I say quietly to myself and then off to sleep.
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