my shift button isn't working today.

just looking through some of my old sets.

#1- they were awful.
#2- it's funny how i used to talk about things... how everything would turn out. it was all wrong. like my series that never turned out to be a series where the first 2 chapters were about 8th grade and how i expected it to be. 
so. wrong.

i wish i had finished that series. so i could look back on it now and wonder what could have changed. what would be different if my stories came true. i remember how i planned it, though.

deirdre and nathanial.
sofie and jackson.
madison alone.
johnathan alone.
madi didnt exist yet.
me and bern.

it's kind of sad. but i like it. i just like thinking about the ifs and the coulds and the woulds and whatever. 

sometimes i imagine that im just living in one of the possiblities and somewhere out there in the time/space continuum, a hundred different mes and deirdres and madisons and sofies are living all the other possibilites. i guess it helps me feel like im not really missing out. 

x) it feels good.
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