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I havent done a hair set tip in forever! 

To get Big, Loose Curls like Josie and Julianne Hough (Upper left 3rd and 4th picture)........
 1.Tease your hair or use volumizing moose (I have found that a round brush gives yous alot of volume rather than a rat-tail comb)
 2. you can either use a large barrel curling iron (1 1/2" or larger) and all sections away from your face or you can use a flat iron. Clam your flat iron vertically, flick the flat iron away from your face, twist it 360 degrees turn. Then glide the straightener down your hair while continueing to hold your straightener away from your face. and flick the ends outwards gently. (if your a part of your piece of hair doesnt come as good, just clamp it starting at where it didnt curl and just curl it there, instead of redoing the whole strand)
-If your curls are too "perfect" for your taste and your want it to be more loose then either flip your head upside down and scrunch it lightly. Or shake out the curls by placing your hand at the top of your head and mess up your haid by moving your hand up and down fast (almost the same motion as when you tease) Or you can gather one side of your head into a low ponytail then glide down slowly. 
 -Finish with Hairspray 

For Wave-like Curls like in the upper-right hand corner (1st picture of the blonde hair) and Bottom right hand...........
 Instead of placing the hair inside the clamp and twirling up, just wrap your hair around the curling 1" curling iron. Then flip your curling iron so its pointing downwards. 
 For really tight curls hold for roughly 15 sec and for more loose 5-9 sec. Also if you want looser curls use a bigger size iron.
 If you want more natural looking curls then dont curl all the way to the roots. also if you want, leave the ends straight for a more natural look. 
 Again if your waves are too "perfect" shake them out. 
 Also dont take to large of sections or other wise they wont curl as good. Take about a fingers width.

To get similar results and you dont want to use heat, or just need a quick hair style gather your hair in a low ponytail, seperate it into two sections and braid as if you have three section,(only u have 2 NOT 3) . the twist it, if its coming if your twist is coming undone, and clip it up on top of your head with a barret or jaw clip. Again if you want a more natural look, dont twist all the way down to the ends. (I personally like the ends to be straight, it gives it a different look, and looks more summery.) If your ends are too curly then straighten them. 
 To achieve Eva's hair (upper right, with the updo) 
then curl it how i said before by wrapping it around the curling, but take super super tiny sections and curl all the way to the root. This will take a-long time, but its soooo cute. 

 For Debby Ryan's Hair (upper left 1st picture) 
use a large barrel curing iron. Open the clamp, then the WRAP the hair around the curling iron. Hold onto the ends and close the clamp. Also make sure the pieces in front are away from your face. 
 Experiment by curling all sections away from your face or try it by mixing and matching away and towards. 

For Shenae's waves/curls (upper left 2nd picture) 
when your hair's wet apply shine and friz serum (if you want) then put your hair in a ballet bun and sleep in it. In the moring take it out and if you want straighten your ends. 
 Also experiment with different amounts of buns. The more you add, the more curls/waves you'll have and the tighter they'll be. Also if you want, you can add moose to your hair. 

Flat iron curls 
you can also clamp your flat iron hortizontally (instead of vertical like before) ( to give you more of a sprial curl) then rotate 1 one time fully around then glide down. 

 For all these hairstyles hairspray afterwards (except the heatless ones. Thats up to u if u want to use hairspray). I've found curing my hair with a flat iron holds my curls longer so i dont have to use as much hairspray. 
 Also very important! Use heat protectant before using heat tools. 
Some styling tools that work great! 
-Enzo Milano and Con-air infiinti: they work great if you want to have those wavy-curls because they're clampless, and are skinny on the end of the barrel, but any curling iron will do, just wrap the hair around 
 You dont have to spend alot of money on styling tools though. I use my cvs pharmacy branded curling iron and it works amazing! I'm very happy with it! 
Also you can also accessorize with headbands! 
Oh and sorry if its hard to understand what i'm saying. It's not the same typing it out vs doing a video.
Since no-one wants the school trends set i'll just skip that idea then. 
Feedback and requests! 
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