Hey lovelies! Sorry for the inactivity; I'm kinda stuck on tip ideas :/ But I do have one for you today, and it's about decorating easter eggs(:


~spray paint in a variety of pastel colors. 
~lazy susan
~disposable shower cap ( optional)
~play-doh or similar clay compound
~blown out eggs


O1; First you need to have blown the eggs in advance and filled in the ends. Here's how to do that; http://www.ashbeedesign.com/2012/03/easter-egg-prep-filling-holes.html

O2; Once your eggs are ready for decorating, set up a good spray painting area with plenty of ventilation.

O3; Take each egg and place it on a pedestal of play-doh atop a small container. Something the size of an empty cream cheese container works perfectly. This arrangement is to allow you space for spraying.

O4; Place all of this on top of a lazy susan that has been covered. A shower cap works well at covering it. It is important that you can easily spin the egg as you spray. 

O5; As you slowly turn the lazy susan carefully start spraying. Use light coats and aim down from above. The curve of the egg helps created the color gradation by blocking some of the spray.

O6; As always with spray paint, several light coats are required. Don't spray too much at once or you will get drips. You can try doing just one color, spraying two colors from either end up, or spraying two colors from either end to the center and leaving a little of the whiteness in the middle.


~lace ribbon
~food coloring
~hot water
~white vinegar
~blown out eggs


O1; Take your lace and cut it into strips.Tie these very tightly around the center of the egg. This is one of the most important steps so make sure you’ve got that ribbon attached like a second skin to that shell.

O2; Mix a few drops of food coloring with some hot water. The more water, the more sheer your dye will be. Add a drop or two of white vinegar. 

O3; Place one egg in the hot water mixture and leave it for 10 – 15 minutes.

O4; Voila! You have lace dyed Easter eggs!! However, if you don't want your lace to be the same color as your egg, you can skip the first step and dye the egg first. Then wrap the lace on your egg once the egg has dried.


~pastel colored dyes
~watered down brown acrylic paint
~blown out eggs


O1; Place your eggs in the dye for a few minutes. Allow them to dry.

O2; Dip the toothbrush into your paint. Run your thumb along the brush to "flick" the paint onto your egg. 


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