@caligurl98 here!


Ever want big beautiful curls 
but don't have the time on your hands!
Sleep with one of these hairstyles in 
overnight and you'll have just that!

1} Rope braids!
Comb out your hair until it's free of tangles. Separate all of your hair into two equal section, tie one of the sections of hair with an elastic and focus on the other section. Divide this section into two more equal sections. Take these two sections and twist them individually away from your face. Keep twisting until you reach the ends, then begin twisting the two strands together towards the face. Once you get to the end secure with a small elastic and repeat on the other side.

2} Headband Curls
Take a thick head band and place it over all of your hair until it is secure on your forehead. Take a strand from the front of your hair on the left side and twist it around the headband. Once it's around the headband take another chunk and connect it to the one you've twisted through the head band and twist that chunk through the headband. Continue this process adding more hair to the original chunk until you reach the back of the head. Repeat this process on the right side of your head and tuck the tips into the headband.

3} Sock bun curls
Take a tube sock and cut the toes off, then roll until you get a donut looking shape(You can google for a more descriptive tutorial.) Put your hair into a very high ponytail and make it as tight as possible. Now place your 'donut' around the ends of your hair and roll your hair down with the donut. (Your probably thinking how the heck do I do that but remember practice makes perfect!)

*Make sure your hair is damp for these or put some product in or there will obviously be no curls!

And the best thing about these hairstyles is you can wear them out of the house and still get gorgeous curls! 
Hope this helped you busy ladies!
-xo Mariah

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