Hey! Kelly here with another new tip! Sorry I haven't been tipping much, I'm getting banned from the computer a lot. I've been naughty >:D

A pretty pale blue dress and thin belt. The contrast between pale and darker colours is good, and this outfit is worn best by girls with light brown hair. Light, natural-looking make-up is suggested, a dab of pale pink lipgloss, maybe a bit of eye shadow (avoid dark colours) and keep hair down, maybe slightly wavy. This style I believe is good for occasions that are a little bit special - maybe going to the movies with friends, or going out with that someone special <3

My second style is see is a little less little-girl-like, and a more...let's say mature...outfit. Darker coloured make-up would be good for this - mascara, maybe some purple eye shadow - and this style suits more darker-haired girls. I suggest for the hair to be in a loose, low side ponytail, with little wisps shaping your face. This style is good for going shopping, or going to a party.

This is for the more active girl that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. The outfit, I believe, needs minimal make-up. This style is more casual than the rest, and is good for maybe when babysitting, or in a situation where you may have to do a little physical activity, or it can just be used as an everyday outfit when there's really nothing to get dressed up for.

That's all for now! I hope I get to be a bit more active with my tipping <3

Kelly xx

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