Sorry about this fashions et. I know it isn't that good. But its for a role play, so i had to post it. I'm hoping i'm being over critical. But idk. Read Below for my RP.
After my second I could really use a party. Good thing there was one tonight. 

When I got to the hosts dorm room the music was blaring so loud I stumbled back two steps, and when I did I smacked straight into Logan.

“Oh, shit! Sorry Logan!!”

“Oh… No biggie”

“I’m such a klutz”

“I’m sure those heels don’t help.” He turned his glance from my eyes to my stilettos.

“Not really” he smirked at my passive response.

“So how are you, how were your classes?” He asked while we shuffled out of the way.
“Good. A little hard, but I like them.” Did I just admit to liking my classes???

“Mine too.”

After a few minutes I forgot to try to act cool and just let the conversation flow.

A few minutes later I hear someone clear their thought behind my back. I turn to see Kristen’s not so happy face.

“Logan, let me steal Alice away for a second.”

“Sure, she’s all yours.”

Kristen was tugging on my arm quite violently. 

“What’s up??” I asked.

“I need your help. There’s a cute guy I want to dance with but he has another guy tagging along. Distract the other guy!”


“No buts! GO!”

I awkwardly walked up to the guy and asked him if he wanted to dance. He accepted.

After a couple of dance I was so done with this guy. He was such a jerk and very vulgar. I didn’t like the way he looked at me. I wanted to get away from him but my loyalty to Kristen bought him two more dances before I excused myself.

The rest of the night was great I danced with a lot of other people, even Logan a few times.
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