Weℓcome to bombsheℓℓ Avenue

nαme;; Deℓancey Georgina Gaℓℓagher
nιcknαme;; Hahahahaha, No.
ρrσnυncιαtισn;; {{ Dee-ℓance-ee }} {{ George-eena }} {{ Gaℓℓ-A-grr }}
αge;; Eighteen years young.
dαte σf bιrth;; December 21st
tιme σf bιrth;; 11:11
ρℓαce σf bιrth;; Venice,Itaℓy
hσmetσωn;; Venice
ρℓαceѕ ℓινed;; Paris,China,New York, Iceℓand, ℓondon, Caℓifornia and many more pℓaces
σrιgιnѕ;; Itaℓian,Iceℓandic,Parasian, British
αρρeαrαnce;; {{ Amanda Ones }}
ρerѕσnαℓιtу;; Deℓancey is very self absored. She beℓieves she is too eℓite for aℓot of people. She reaℓℓy doesn't care about your opinion and only cares about hers. She is the most important. Its her way or the highway. But she also can be very nice. And warming. She is quite charming actually. With that million dollar laugh.
fℓαωѕ;; Once again she is self absorbed.
stуℓe;; Deℓancey's styℓe is very designer. She beℓieves bombsheℓℓ's like herself shuld only be caught in cute stuff and designer.
bισgrαρhу;; On christmas night when kids aℓℓ around the worℓd were opening presents which "santa" gave to them. Not Aℓℓesandra Gaℓℓagher and her famiℓy. Aℓℓesandra was moment from birth and clenching her husbans Daniel's hand very tightly. At exactly 11:11 Deℓancey Georgina Gaℓℓagher was brought into the worℓd. Deℓancey was the news of the city of Venice that night. Deℓancey was grown up in a very weaℓthy famiℓy. Deℓancey was always reminded that she was a very special child. Then Deℓancey grew up becoming a bombshell. Pℓease if you don't know her name then you've been ℓiving on mars for the ℓast eighteen years. She has is very social. Delancey decided to take a break like her parents suggested from her blooming Modeling, Dancing and Acting carer and decided to come here.
fαmιℓу;; Aℓℓesandra Gaℓℓagher|| 4O || Ex-Model
Danieℓ Gaℓℓagher||42|| Editor
Aurora Gaℓℓagher||23|| Owner of Fashion Line
Serena Gaℓℓagher||16|| Student
Ashanti Gaℓℓagher||1O|| Student
Madison Gaℓℓagher|| 4 ||
Parasia Gaℓℓagher||2||
ѕecret(ѕ) { mυѕt hανe αt ℓeαѕt σne };; Isn't exactly what you call a virgin. Also her first kiss was a great big disaster.
ℓιkeѕ;; Chaneℓ.Dior.Designer.Partying.New York.Itaℓy.Modeℓing.Caℓifornia.Much More...
dιѕℓιkeѕ;; Oh aℓlot of things like sluts, Idiots, Whores
A Pretty Pink Iphone 5 with a custom Case
A perfectℓy snow white Bugatti
A nice ℓipstick red ℓamborghini
A ℓoveℓy baby blue Ferrari
A "Deℓancey" Embroided Ipad
mαנσr(ѕ) };; Dance , Fashion
mιnσr(ѕ);; Math
αcαdemιc ѕtrσng ρσιntѕ;; Algebra, English
αcαdemιc ωeαk ρσιntѕ;; History it happens to be very boring and science ever since she was younger she hated science.
extrα cυrrιcυℓαrѕ;; Italian,Cheerleading, Musical Theatre,
grαde ρσιnt ανerαge;; 4.7
- αnуthιng αddιtισnαℓ { eѕρecιαℓℓу ιηfσrmαtισn ρertαιnιng tσ αnу ѕσrσrιtιeѕ уσυ αre ιntereѕted ιn } ;; She would be interested in Kappa kappa gamma considering she loves reading but if not that then she would love to be the Alpha of chi omega because she loves make a wish foundation.
credιtѕ;; Nope except credit to myself


Wrote three years ago
approved once again!

Wrote three years ago
@once-in-a-million sure!

Wrote three years ago
hey shay! it has recently come to my attention that someone reserved cara before you. please change your model and my apologies for not realizing sooner.

Wrote three years ago
@once-in-a-million Thanks Gillian and I'll change it

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unfortunately, volleyball is not a valid minor. other than that, delancy is approved.


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