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"What the f.ck is this?" Ava held up a tube from across the room. I was helping one of the models trying on lingerie when I heard her from across the room. 
"I'll be back," I held up my hand to the redhead and started my way over. "Ava!" I waved to her as her confused expression did not change. 
When I made it over to her I smiled wide, "Hey, what are you looking at?"
"I don't actually know." she handed the tube to me, "At first I thought it was sex lube or something.." she shrugged. I took the object from her hands and inspected it. Picking up the other tube from the table top I shook my head,
"Oh I remember this. I actually wanted to show this to you." I nodded.
"Please tell me you don't plan on demonstrating in front of me." she arched her brow at me. I rolled my eyes and placed a hand over my chest in mock hurt.
"I am shocked you would that of me. Besides, I don't have a d.ck to show you with anyhow..." I chuckled to myself before holding it up and clearing my throat. In my best announcer's voice I started, "Ladies. Are you forced to go days, even weeks without your man and his amazing d.ck?" 
"Yves, get on with it. This isn't a cheesy infomercial." Ava shook her head and folded her arms over her chest.
"Alright, fine. Basically what you do is, while the dude's all hot and bothered, you have him put his c.ck in his," I gestured to the first tube, then held up the other one, "inject the mold, and then take it out.. let it dry.. get some batteries.. And voila! You have a homemade d.ldo." I smiled, taking one of the finished samples from the table waving it in the air. Ava just blinked at me suspiciously. 
"Have you ever tried one of these?" 
I ran my hand through my hair, setting the toy back down, "I'm gonna plead the fifth on that one." 
"Interesting," she grabbed the tube back from out of my hand and looked at it. "I just might need to try one of these... Do you know if I could bring it through customs?"
"Why wouldn't you be able to?"
She lifted her head up and looked at me , "It looks like a weapon.... Not to mention bringing it home after I mold Cor's d.ck."
"You're right." I smirked and shrugged, "That thing does look like a weapon."
Ava stared at me blankly, "Don't push your luck Yves."
"Oh come on Alere, I meant the tube," I grinned, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the other side of the room where there was a rack of costumes and skimpy lingerie. "Do you two ever role play?"
"Yes," she answered simply. "Why?"
"No reason." I held up a barely there bikini, "It's edible."
She grinned slowly, "Don't forget, my boyfriend is in Canada right now..."
"So?" I turned back towards her and cocked my head to the side.
"So I don't need any type of foreplay when I'm f.cking myself in the shower," she said bluntly.
I rolled my eyes at her, did she honestly have that little imagination? Getting out two sets of lingerie off the mannequins I held them up and arched my eyebrow at Ava.
"Now, which one is more you? Red and black or pink and white?" I asked her, holding up the two sets. One was red with black lace trim that had major padding in the chest the other was slightly more revealing, i.e the crotchless panties and white with pink lace trim.
"I'm not trying on crotchless underwear here." she shook her head. "It's tasteless."
"As much as I'd like for you to.." I mused for a second then shaking the thought from my mind, "I won't make you. But you look more like an innocent 'ravish me' kind of girl."
"Can you please stop trying to guess what my sex life is like? It's off-putting." she scoffed, running a hand through her long blond hair.
I pursed my lips and shook my head, "Ave, loosen up! Come on, have a few drinks and put on some lingerie.. feel free to express your sexuality."
She had a scrunched expression on her face, then broke into a smile as she laughed, "Were you raised by hippies?"
"Pretty much." I nodded as I unhooked the crotchless underwear from the set and found a more tasteful garter belt to go with it. Handing it to Ava I took the red set for myself. "Now you are trying this on and we'll exchange details. I want to know how Ava Alere f.cks." I chuckled.
Ava took the white lingerie set from me, "Are you always this perverted?"
"I prefer the term curious. Besides, Effy's my only other friend here and she's no fun right now." I pouted, half begging half joking.
"You have friends?" she gave me an amused look as I started pushing her towards the makeshift dressing room.
"I have plenty... They're just not here at the moment," I narrowed my gaze on her.
"Huh..." she pulled the curtain closed just as I did, I set the lingerie on a chair, pulling my clothes off one by one and replacing them with the lingerie. Within seconds I was done and ready to see what Ava looking like. Bit your tongue, I told myself, we were both in successful relationships. But f.ck, Ava was hot.
"How's it going in there?" I yelled through the other side of the curtain.
"Just about done," she shouted as I pulled back my curtain leaning against the wall as I waited for her. She pushed the curtain back and walked out, stopping in front of the mirror and doing a full twirl. "My a.ss is perfect," she looked up at me as I walked out of my dressing room and smirked.
"When I said loosen up, I didn't mean to compliment yourself."
She shrugged, skimming her hand over her stomach, "You don't look so bad either."
"Was that almost a compliment?" I raised an eyebrow. Unusual for Alere.
"From me, yes," she smiled.
"Then thank you," I pushed my breasts up and laughed. "But that's still not what I meant."
"What do you want to know Yves? How loud I scream, what my favorite position is, what we do for foreplay, role play?"
"First off, you look like a shrieker," I walked over to the table picked up two glasses of and a bottle of champagne. Uncorking the bottle as I set the glasses down. Letting the alcohol fizz, I slowly poured the champagne into the two flutes. I handed one to Ava and kept the other for myself. Taking a long sip I shrugged, 
"My favorite position is The Golden Bend, foreplay is overrated and no one is better at role playing than I am." I sat down on on of the stools behind me.
"Two questions.." Ava took a drink from her glass as she stared at me, "What is the Golden Bend and what makes you think that?"
I small smile tugged my lips as I tried to stay serious, "The guy braces your lower half, in forward standing position and you arch your back to the floor." 
She sat down on the stool right next to mine, placing her glass on the table, "Interesting... sounds like something out of the Kama Sutra."
"It is. I recommended that position for someone as.. self-involved as you Ava." 
"Nothing wrong with a little self-love." she rolled her eyes as she took her glass once again, draining most of the champagne. I held out the bottle offering her a refill. She nodded, handing me her glass as I filled it.
"I know that... I'm completely serious though, it's a completely ambitious pose that allows the man control while admiring the woman's stretched out body." I took a drink from my glass. "Unless you like control, in which case I would go with the spirit carrier." 
"Do you sit around all day thinking about this stuff?" Ava shook her head at me. I ignored her comment and smiled.
"Ooh, one time, I handcuffed Josh to the bed and started masturbating in front of him to see how long he'd last." I laughed, biting my bottom lip, "he literally broke the handcuffs and f.cked me like no tomorrow. And as far as roleplaying..." I ran a hand through my hair, f.ngering a few strands. Ava gave me a strange look as I continued, "We've done the police officer and naughty schoolgirl, Batman and Catwoman, Mario and Princess Peach."
Ava started laughing as she took a sip of her drink, trying not to spit out her drink. "Like the video game!?"
"Yes. And we did Misty and Ash from Pokemon." I nodded.
"Pokemon?" she cocked her head to the side, letting her hair fall onto her shoulder. "I don't know what Pokemon is..."
"It's this Japanese -"
She held her hand up to stop me , "I do not care what Pokemon is." she grinned slowly and set her hand on her thigh as I crossed she legs, "I don't have a favorite position... as long as Corey is inside of me and touching me, I'm fine. I'm usually not much of a people pleaser, but I'll let him do anything to my body... I guess I aim to please in the bedroom."
"Anything?" I raised an eyebrow, "I always figured you for the type who gets off and then is finished."
She shook her head, "I'm like the energizer bunny.... I once sucked Corey's d.ck for over three hours."
I stared at her blankly, "Why?"
"To see how many times I could make him cum... My jaw hurt for days but the sex lasted forever." she smirked, "His d.ck was sore the next day." 
"You always manage to surprise me Alere."
She lifted her head up from the glass which she had resting on her leg, "I still got my morning sex. So are you and Josh...." she trailed off. Most people didn't know if we were actually dating or just f.cking.
"It's complicated," I replied quickly, cutting her off. I hated these questions, especially when I'd never felt so strongly about someone as I did Josh. Being that reliant on someone frightened me. "We're together but -"
"I get it," she nodded her head and looked at me. "Am I your type?"
"No," She said simply. "I'd have a threesome with you and Corey, but -"
"Oh please! Don't even say that you'd never f.ck me," she laughed and stood up, leaning closer to me and brushing her my out of me face. "If I told you that I was wet right now and invited you back to my place, you'd say no?"
"Is that an invite?" I stared back at her before taking a sip of my drink.
"No," she grinned, "It's a question."
I rolled my eyes, "You're seriously no fun."
She folded her arms over her chest, standing up straight obviously wanting to know the answer, "Just answer the question."
"I'd f.ck you right now if I could." I shrugged, as I stood up to her level and setting my glass down on the table. Staring at her big blue eyes, I stroked the side of her cheek. 
"Just me?" she pursed her lips moving in closer to me, tilting her head into my hand.
"I prefer brunettes but you're kind of irresistible Alere." I smirked trailing my fingers along her jawline and down her neck. F.ngering the lacy strap of her bra I bit my lower lip, trying to keep my mind from racing out of control.
"Really?" she stepped closer to me, closing the gap between us. Our bodies were as close as possible in skin on skin contact. 
I'm sure if any guys were here they would've been jerking off by now. 
I nodded and chuckled to myself as I took a step back, "Do not tease me. Swear to god, once I get started there is no stopping me. You're not the only one who can go for hours at a time."
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