December 26, 2012

Song of the day: Grow Up - Cher Lloyd 

This set features items from @udobuy


There's something about this set that I kind of like (other than the pictures of Elle). Even though the outfit is kinda cray. But I don't know... This set was actually quite easy to make, so it was kinda fun!

So I just finished the pilot episode of "Homeland." Literally, everyone has been telling me that it's THE best show ever, so, being the avid TV watcher that I am, I, of course, had to try it! So far, so good! Very intense. VERY. 

Oh and it was snowing tonight! It was so pretty and white and everything until it turned to rain. Ew. Now it's gross mush on the ground. Sigh. 

And I hope everyone had a good Boxing Day! I went into the city with my mom, but the after-Christmas sales were not so great. I have to say, the pre-Christmas ones were much better. So I didn't get anything. Plus, I just got a ton of clothes for Christmas, so I don't even need anything. Ooh but I actually did FINALLY find a good-priced snood from Uniqlo, and I've been looking for one for forever, so that was a fun find!

Anyways. I'm really hoping to finally catch up on Polyvore some time by the end of the week, so hang in there!

Let's hope I don't get sick because half of my family is sick right now. Ew. Cross your fingers!

So, I think I'll sleep now. Goodnight, guys! xx
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