~Peter Parker, The Amazing Spiderman

OMFG I just watched this movie.
- before I get on with my rant about the movie & my newest lover, Andrew hot-as-fcking-hell Garfield, I wanted to dedicate this set to the lovely @valcastronovo because 
1: she's my polyvore buddie
2: she understands my deep love for this movie.

I've read the Spider-man comics (YES, I READ COMIC BOOKS. GO AHEAD AND MAKE FUN OF ME) and I'm a huge fan of this particular version. Though I sort of hated Tobbie whatever-his-name-was as one of my favorite superheroes of all time, I learned to live with it.

But now I can honestly say that I'm in love with Spider-man. I always thought that no-one could fill the shoes of Peter Parker in the comics, but I've been proven wrong. Andrew Garfield is a great actor whom I loved since his role in 'the social network', but he has proven to be a great action actor as well.
There's a part in specific that I would like to point out, a part in the movie where Peter fights with his uncle and they have a very emotional talk, I never imagined that whoever was going to play Peter could make the audience FEEL the deepness of the situation. But I gotta admit that Andrew made me tear up in that specific part of the movie.

the special effects were amazing, I saw it in 3D so it was even better than I expected. I loved Rhys Ifans, he is a great actor, too. Emma Stone was truly amazing (like always), she made the perfect Gwen Stacy. <-- I also loved the outfits that she wore in the movie. She looks stunning with blonde hair.

I highly recommend this movie. Good plot, nice effects and excellent casting. The music was very nice too! :)
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