hayyyyy guys
idk what to talk about lol
but here's an update
like overall 
my week

ok so 
i bought stuff for christmas presents yeah ya dig?
and then monday MY BOOTS CAME!! they're distressed tan combat booots
ugh perf
tuesday omg pioneer<33333333333 and glee!!! it was awesome srsly
wednesday was an early release so i bought more christmas present stuff lol
i'm gonna make cupcakes
and then give other gifts too
thursday sabrina came over omg and the guy she likes likes her kdkhkhj
fridayyy we had a field trip so omg let me tell you.
okay so we had a field trip and like lately i just idk
i missed my friends.
and then there was sooooo much drama ugh lyfe

and todayyyyyyyy is saturday :-) 
today i didn't do anything lol :(

so ya.
i'm really boring i bet none of you read that/care
if you do then i love you


^please follow? :-)
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Teenagers on Polyvore! (T.o.P)

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triangles are hipster & so are we.

triangles are hipster & so are we.

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