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The Girls of Theta House,
Alaska de Sauveterre

Monday, July 8; Shopping day. Does that really need an explanation?

"To buy or not to buy that is the question" Aria said as we walked into one of the shops close to the beach. 

I shrugged saying nothing. Aria raised an eyebrow at me, "Everything okay there Ally?" 

I tried to stop myself from looking slightly panicked before plastering a smile on my face, "Yeah, I am fine."

"Somehow I don't entirely believe you but fine" Aria said gently before turning to look at a cute summer dress. It looked pretty and it would suit Aria; to tell her or not to tell her. 

Tell her. 

"You'd make that dress look a million dollars" I told her, smiling at her. Aria turned and returned the smile, "you reckon?" she asked, tilting her head. 

"Of course, I wouldn't lie about clothing and you looking flawless, would I?" I responded, putting on a wide smile. 

"No, I guess you wouldn't and plus you have a good fashion eye" Aria said, smiling. I couldn't stop the blush from creeping onto my cheeks; I guess I never got used to the compliments.

"Ally, are you blushing?" Aria asked with a teasing smile. I looked away picking up a shirt so I could hide my face, "No." 

"You so were" Aria said smirking. "You should get that shirt by the way. You unintentionally picked up something cute." 

I looked at the shirt properly and shrugged, "I don't know. It isn't really my style."

"I think it may be different but it's cute, like you" Aria commented, smiling as she checked the price tag on the dress we'd pointed out. I looked down at the top, hoping my cheeks were no longer pink. 

"I might try it on then" I nodded, smiling. There was a lot of small talk going on or perhaps, this was how our normal conversations went. It'd been a while since we'd spent quality Aria and Ally time. 

"Definitely a good decision" Aria grinned, "and I might try this on." I nodded with a smile, "you should, you're going to look amazing in it." 

"Not that you don't look amazing already" I quickly defended myself, smiling gently.

"Okay" Aria said slowly, "Ally, are you sure everything okay? You are being weirdly complimentary today and while my ego loves it, I have to check."

"Yeah, everything's A-Okay" I smiled gently, nodding as we approached the change rooms. "Why wouldn't I be?" I asked, continuing to smile at Aria.

"You are smiling a lot" Aria said nodding. "I know from the many TV shows that I watch that smiling means you have either been taken over by an alien and I am minutes away from dying or you are upset." 

 "I am pretty sure smiling means that people are happy" I said.

 "Yeah sometimes but when they are constantly smiling , its weird" Aria said, shrugging. "So is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong" I lied, hoping that Aria would buy it as I slipped into the dressing room and began to try on the new t-shirt. 

"Let me know when you're ready and we can both come out at the same time" Aria said after a couple minutes of silence. 

I stood, looking at my reflection but at the shirt more specifically. It was pretty and nice but I wasn't certain if it was 'me' though. I tilted my head in thought, which is always a bad decision. 

Should I tell Aria what's bothering me? 

Should I ask her if I've done something wrong? 

Yes or no. 

 "Are you ready, Ally?" Aria called out. "Yeah" I responded before stepping out and meeting face to face with Aria wearing the pretty dress we'd pointed out. 

"Wow, I told you that it suited you" Aria beamed, grinning. "And I told you that looked pretty" I responded, gesturing for her to twirl for me.

"I am not twirling" Aria said, giggling, "You are just trying to flatter me." Aria said looking at the dress. "Which is very sweet but according to some people my ego is already big enough." 

I sighed looking at the shirt still unsure. "Ally you look good. Trust me on this" Aria said with a wide smile.

I looked over at Aria and then back at the shirt, "I think I'm going to trust you on this one" I smiled, nodding. "Luckily, it's not too expensive" I laughed, "it won't hurt my purse." 

"I can't say the same about this dress, it's a tad expensive but- do you think it's worth it?" Aria asked. I nodded enthusiastically, after all, she did look beautiful. But it was hard for her not to, she's naturally beautiful. 

It was in her genes. 

"Earth to Ally, Earth to Ally" Aria spoke, dragging me from my thoughts. I shook my head, "huh?" I questioned. 

"I asked whether you wanted to get lunch?" she asked, pausing, "are you sure everything's fine?" 

"Yeah" I nodded. I walked into the change rooms and swiftly changed back into my clothes. I placed the shirt back on the clothes rack and walked out, meeting with Aria. "Aria, have I done something wrong?" I asked quietly; finally finding the confidence to question her.

"Well you didn't buy the shirt" Aria joked, well tried to joke.

"Is this about the dress?" Aria asked, "If so that was all Liam."

"Dress?" I asked slightly confused. "Doesn't matter" Aria said quickly. "Why would you think you've done something wrong?"

"You just haven't spoken to me for a while prior to now, I thought I'd done something to upset or anger you" I confessed, looking down at my feet. I felt like the heart was racing like a stampede of elephants.

"What? No" Aria shaking her head, "You haven't done anything Ally" she said with a sigh.

I looked at Aria, unsure, "So why have you... why haven't you?" I started to switch the questions.

"I haven't. I just haven't been there as much. It's nothing to worry about okay."

"I don't believe you, Aria" I said gently, looking down to avoid the look that Aria could be shooting me. "I think something's wrong, whether it's me or someone or something else" I added.

"I am fine Ally" Aria said, "If I wasn't I would let you know but I haven't because I am fine."

"Then- then why haven't you spoken to me in ages?" I asked, finally looking at Aria. I was trying to not let all my emotions get in the way. It was hard though. 

Everyone in Theta house knew I had unstable emotions but I didn't think I was being unnecessary.

"I-" Aria started, "If it seemed like I have been ignoring you or whatever it wasn't on purpose" she said softly. "It just happens." 

"No it doesn't" I said, "We are all busy but we still talk to each other."

"We still talk though, Ally" Aria said, seeming like she was defensive. I wasn't attacking her; I just needed to know why our friendship had been put aside for a while. 

Or that's what it seemed like. 

But who knows, I could be over-reacting. 

"We say hi, good morning or good night" I reminded her, looking down now. I was going to cry, I knew it. But I was strong, stronger than the emotional wreck I was as a teenager. 

"That's something" Aria paused, "that's talking to each other. Making contact, not ignoring each other" she tried to smile. 

I didn't say anything, I looked up slowly and smiled gently. I wasn't getting anywhere. I wanted to know what was bothering her, what was making her distant toward me and maybe even the others.

"Now, lets just get lunch" Aria smiled gently, "remember, we're both hungry." In all honesty, I'd lost my appetite but I wasn't going to be rude and say 'no, I want to go back to the house and sleep because I'm getting nowhere here.' 

"Sure, lets get lunch" I nodded. If she was going to tell me now; I would just enjoy the time we were spending together. I didn't know how distant she'd be later today or this week. 

I was going to make the most of now, I guess.
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