i was trying something new with this set and i'm happy how this turned out. i worked on it for quite a while. i didn't mean to publish this so early, but i was worried someone would claim the gryffindor seeker position and that couldn't happen! my life depends on it. true fact. it's a life or death situation. 
full name // nia "nate" anna anderson 

age // 15

year // 4th (she's quite old for her year group)

parents // emma anderson, 48, an army officer who served in afghanastan, but was killed in an explosion in her base because she died saving her fellow troops.  there's also nia's dad a 46 year old auror that goes by the name of geoff. 

blood Status: half-blood (HALF-BLOODS FTW!)

preferred house // gryffindor

likes // photography, puzzles, traveling, animals, quidditch (her obsession), sweet treats, speaking in foreign languages such as french to annoy people, reading, dragons, her friends, reading, starbucks & coldplay

dislikes // most guys (she finds them irritating), people stereotyping people in the army, people being racist, slytherins, filch and his cat, people who hate animals and classical music. 

favourite class // a tie between defense against the dark arts, transfiguration and care of magical creatures.

least favourite class // history of magic. she despises that class. oddly more than divination. 

model // naomi scott

additional things to know // she's the seeker for gryffindor despite the fact she has the most pressure. she loves the game so much, she doesn't care. shes got a pet cat named lucky. she gave him that name so it could be ironic. cause black cats to superstitious people are considered unlucky. she also has a younger sister that she loves very dearly and for some odd reason nia's friends call her nate. 
@lexi-is-swag is this okay? i'll have my guy character up in the next week or so, but i have tons of contests i need to enter. also is it okay, if i can't always make sets for the group? i don't always have the time to make sets. 

i. love. naomi. scott. so. much. 

she was so flawless as maddie in terra nova. 


so amazingly flawless. 

still yet to publish my interviews/training for @topaz-39's contest. 

i'm so bad at not procrastinating. 

oh and if anyone wants to be friends with nia and is in the group don't be afraid to ask. she's already got one friend, i'm pretty sure. unless @iheartny33 actually said no and i was hallucinating. 

usually i'm a ravenclaw beaterish person, not a gryffindor seekerish person. this is a change. but change is you know, good.

song: turn up the love ~ far east movement feat. cover drive
date: october 18th, 2012.
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@jordan447 Thank you so much! ♥

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And.... this one's amazing too ♥

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*WARNING High freakiness in this group, if you are not used to maximum crazyness, I suggest you leave this webpage immediatley before your brain explodes because it couldn't handle that much awesome.*
Hi der, This group is for nerds and weird people. Enter any sets about nerdy weird things or just any thing that isn't normal. We will be having lots of contests and I will try to keep one going all the time.
Most of the contests will be about:
Doctor Who
PJATO and the spinoffs
The Hunger Games
Anything else I find contest worthy.
And PLEASE keep it clean, any sets that have cuss words or anything inappropriate I will remove.

Forever Contests

Forever Contests

loads of contests...
ok i had this idea, we could do alphabetical contests,
A- anything
taylor swift. ariana grande. pretty little liars. glee. food. cupcakes. hunger games. fashion. ANYTHING!!!!


Your Favorite Actress!! <3

Your Favorite Actress!! <3

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1 week!!!
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No Set limit!!!
amazing example set and idea by @hungergamestintin1d <3

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