(story credit goes to .sabina)

Tuesday: It’s a small, quiet and relaxing day. Make sure you have all your supplies. We just returned from a mid-semester break and the teachers are ready to give essays and homework come Monday. Enjoy the free time while it lasts.

The bright rays from the gleaming sun seared at me painfully as I walked along with Jade across the lawn and passed by a few students, studying vigorously.

“Hangovers blow.” I groaned, rubbing my temples. I was in the mood to just lie dead on my warm inviting sheets, but Jade wanted meet up with Ryan. 

“Well, the best way to deal with them is to shut the fuck up and smoke up.” Jade hissed, handing me a cig and lighting it for me as it was in my mouth. I engulfed the smoke and calmly blew it out.

“Where’s Ryan?” I whine, craning my neck around the wall and tapping my heels impatiently. Jade ignores me and looks around. 

“Hey Siamese twins, over here!” we heard a familiar voice call out from behind us at Gwendolyn Hall and we looked back to see a slender, frail blonde laying back on a tree taking a drag. 

“What’s up bitchh?” Jade slurred, sitting down as I laid, resting my head on her lap.

“Ooh,” I interrupted, “Jade, tell her about last night and the guy!”
Jade furrowed her eyebrows, trying to jog her memory. Once she remembered she began with the story and we began cackling.

"…And them the dumb fuck turns around to leave and trips on the carpet and falls head first into a potted plant!" Jade shakes with laughter as she finishes the story about a sophomore guy who tried to flirt with her last night. I’m laughing so much she clutches her stomach with both hands.
The three of us were laid on the grass for a while, sharing a pack of cigarettes and laughing our asses off talking about all of the events of last night. We giggled and enjoyed the warm, March sun. I liked partying, but sitting around and reminiscing over all the crazy shitt that happened this year. I laughed, taking a look at Jade. It was funny how people didn’t know the real story. We weren’t just some annoying, partying best friends. I remember when we first met as freshman, both determined to take on the school. Of course, Jade was more liked and more adored. Immediately we clashed and fought for awhile, but eventually became best friends. We were so different, but a long so well. I still feel like we’re fighting over for attention and approval for the Billing’s Girls. But putting that aside, we love each other so much. I guess we were both too superficial to show it often. 

Coming back into the conversation, I said,

"I can't believe you brought /books/ with you!" I grabbed some flimsy book of her laying around

"You're such a nerd, Moore." Jade smirks and curiously eyes the book.

"You two are always late, I've got to occupy my time with something." She says, not even bothering to move from her spot.
"You desperately need a boyfriend." I hummed, putting on a serious face and looks her in the eye.
"Oh Christ." she chuckled. "You're not going to start playing matchmaker /again/, are you?"
"It's a rare gift, don't mock it." I winked and pulled out a cigarette from the pack.
"Jenni's right, Moore, you need some fun in your life." Jade, who is a big fan of calling people by their surnames agrees. "All fun and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
"Shut up." she mumbled, closing her eyes. "Besides, I do have a boyfriend."
"Ryan Moore, you slutt!" I yelped. I almost banged my head with Jade’s as I lift myself up. "Who is it? Do I know him? Is he from Easton?"
"There's no need to get that excited for me, J. It's Andrew. From New York. We got back together." she shrugged.
"Oh..." I said, visibly deflated.
"Nice one. When all else fails, recycle old lovers." Jade adds harshly as I laugh in awe.
"We reconnected over vodka and gin one night in New York. We go way back. And we have the most easy and calm relationship ever. It's all good."
"Sounds boring." I wrinkled my nose.
"Whatever. Pass me the lighter, will you?" she snapped as we puffed and exhaled and began babbling about pointless. This wasn’t exactly the most productive day, but it was fun.
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