There will be a Coco Chanel retrospective at Karl Lagerfeld's mansion tonight. The dress code is strictly Chanel and Chanel only to give tribute to such a revolutionary woman. Be sure to swing by and greet Karl and Baptise. Newbies, this is a chance for you to shine and please Kaiser Karl and show the elitist world what your made of.

Forget the rest of them, Karl, his little wh0re....I had the night of my life tonight despite my amazing Chanel ensomble.

I was with him, my lover, my Francoise.

MY Francoise.
And he was seemingly no one elses.

"Let's run away together" he whispered in my ear.

It was a shock, but his sexy voice and amazing breath brushed up against my ears like angel's singing. My body shivered all over in extacy.
"What?" I whispered back.
"For the weekend...we'll get away from everything and it'll just be us...."
"Look, we never did anything like this when we were dating-"
"Exactly. So why do we need to do it now?" 
"Look I'm not trying to get all mushy-"
"Don't I hate that sh!!t" 

I took his hand

"let's talk of this elsewhere" and I dragged him into a dark bedroom.
"Forget it" he said. He'd gotten agry for once, but in all this confusion I still wanted him.
"Wait, just tell me why I should go"I said, sipping my flute of champagne. Francoise grabbed it and threw it to the floor.
"Because I f**king love you Chantal" he grabbed my face aggressively kissing me, I kissing back instinctively. I tugged at his blazer pulling it off and pulled him towards the bed. He unzipped my dress as I ripped off his boxers.
Oddly enough we kissed for the longest time, playing with the feel of our tongues and experimenting with the fiery sensation. Finally he went down on me, pushing my legs apart gently and kissing my inner thighs. I moaned instantly as he slipped his fingers inside of me, my pent up passion for him exploding in every cry. He left a trail of fiery kisses from my neck back to my abdomen. It was too much to take, I loved him. Pinstripelli was just there to fill the void inside of me....the void Francoise was supposed to fill.
"I need you" He whispered in my ear, kissing my mouth again. My body began to move along with his as he entered me with such tremendous force and it felt right. He felt so right inside of me. He placed my breast into his mouth, sucking eagerly. Ahhhh...I couldn't have felt any sicker from the immense pleasure that was overcomming me. It could have lasted forever, a 24 hour orgasm...every second I was climaxing. His left hand slid to the small of my back, squeezing my a*ss. 

"Sh!!t we really are meant to be" he said, turning to face me. 

"From the very beginning" 

-C xxx
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