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♥Opium Hardy
Opium is a prodigy. No one can figure out how her fingers glide along the piano keys, but they do in such a magnificently beautiful manner, that BH's alumni fell in love with her, and accepted her to the school on full scholarship. Opium has an irregular I.Q., and 85% of the population's mental ability is inferior to hers. How did we come to know this? Opium has been submitted to several traumatizing tests, and her grandmother was a part of the Holocaust, so Opium is the kind of girl that wakes up screaming in the middle of the night.
Looks: Keira Gormley
Played by: @ducktape

♥Fawn Folkl
Fawn is the ultimate hippy. She likes long necklaces that dangle and tickle her neck, and she's dreamy and lovably annoying (think Luna Lovegood). She stays away from opium and drugs, drowning her sorrows by carving poems onto trees. She's an amazing writer, which made her instant friends with Ryder-Jayd, and brought her popularity. She has a cascade of pin-straight black hair that is never tamed or put in a ponytail, and sharp blue eyes that can occasionally scare you. Fawn snores.
Looks: Ali Michael
Played by: @roses-are-roses

♥Helena Hoghart 
Helena is the magic type. She's a whimsical little waif girl with a thin body and small hands, with ever-painted red nails. She's a Harry Potter fan, always carrying around one of the books, and she's always remarking things other people don't ('watch out! you almost stepped on that toad!'). She's friends with Fawn, and loud noises don't seem to affect her, so Penn's morning tantrums are nothing. She stands up to people without realizing it, and she despises nicknames. She isn't afraid of putting her charm button on when she's around boys. Helena plans on naming her firstborn Harry without the Potter.
Looks: Irina Kulikova
Played by: @bunnnnny 

♥Dita Hayes
Dita is an love-skinned gypsy. She ignores the teachers, she's in her own little bubble. She has starry big doe eyes that look right through you and she's close with the deer in the forest, often feeding them seeds out of her palm. She likes to breath and 'wow' is a common word in her vocabulary. She's a very good swimmer, a slick dolphin in the pools of the waterfall, and she's incredibly organized. She likes big rings, long necklaces, and boys. People have reportedly seen her late at night in the forest with a boy. She doesn't care. She lives for herself.
Looks: Lakshmi Menon
Played by: @anonymiss

♥Tesla Fog
Tesla is a sweet girl with false hopes. After she graduates from BH, she’s to be shipped off to medical school, which is completely against her wishes. Tess wants to become a writer and harvest a large and loving family... She reads sappy romance novels, and befriends everyone. Tesla is scary thin, and scarcely eats, but she’s not bulimic. Some say they have seen profound scars on her back...Wherever could those be from?
Looks: Twiggy
Played by: @lovecocotutu

♥Bearskin Clarins 
Bearskin is the ultimate quirky chick, completed with the eighties' hair, one side of the head shaved off, and the other long-haired, a la Cyndi Lauper. She often wears things like flowy white dresses and golden Coach monogrammed sneakers, and listens to LOUD music. Nobakov’s Lolita is her bible and she plays dirty. blue eyes swimming in their glazed sockets. 
Looks: Possibly Lindsay Ellingson or Siri Tollerod
Played by: @rx-queen

♥Spring Delacourt
Have you ever heard of a blind ballet dancer? You have now. Spring is a lovely girl with long limbs and blonde hair topped with crowns made of daisies and spidery fingers that sport large jewelled rings. She's distant, but with her dancing, she's brought back to earth. She's friends with the quiet girls, and she doesn't want any association with Penn, yet the latter seems to want Spring in her circle. Her eyes are the typical glazed grey, seemingly covered by a veil, that brought her a lot of trouble when she was young. Spring doesn't talk about the accident that made her blind.
Looks: Sasha Pivovarova
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