we are the void

Zelda Olympia Hawke
Best friends with Edgar, bestest best friends with her brother Idris. Good/Best friends with Anton, Zev (Idris' bf) and belligerent friends with Pep. That's kinda their inner clique at the minute, although they do have other friends.
Deathly enemies with Isaac. God, she hates that man. They're just naturally incompatible. While we're at it., Tommy Desmarais gives her the serious heebie-jeebies, and a serious bad feeling.
Possible future girlfriend of Titus, maybe. Even though they're tentatively testing the waters, she's 110% sure this is a bad idea, it won't work, they're not compatible... and that's ignoring the coven politics. He still makes her heart skip a beat, and she hates him for that. She's been warned by a couple of people, including Anton no less, that this can't end well, but....
Bio asap
More wardrobe stuff to come, cos she's flamboyant.

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@a4n0ih3 Thanks so much for your kind comments :D You're too kind! I must return the compliment, cos your creations are so awesome and inspirational!

Wrote two years ago
amazing collection


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