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i'm getting really bad at simple sets, heeelp. i think i've used this song in a set before, but i can't really remember. plus this was the only song i could think of using when i made this, haha. i've literally been watching spiderman and doctor who repeats all day, or more like yesterday. i have nothing to dooo. i'm so cold and my hair is wet haha, ah. i really don't know what to talk about, i'm kind of blank. oh, it's my third year anniversary in a few weeks which is cool. yeah :-)

how about a joke :-)
i know it's cheesy, but i feel grate

i keep getting tagged in the same few sets continuously, like every day. for those who don't know, every time you edit your description (or title if you're on the app) / set, it will tag the people you tagged in the description again. so please keep that in mind when you may be editing or changing your description layouts or something! if the person has already been notified, it's a good idea to block their user like @/username :-)

i have nothing to do today so unless i find something, i'm going to continue watching shows and movies. i think i might make a template. does anyone want me to? i'll only do it if you guys will be willing to use it :-) let me know! if you want it, i can do it <3 well i should probably go, have a lovely day everybody

comment "west coast" if you read all of this

- jemma

29.3.15 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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