ll We Are Never Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift ll
This song is really catchy and has been stuck in my head since I heard it at like 9 a.m. on the news yesterday. 
Also, excuse me while I just sit here and use all of Flavia's VS pics because she's such a f*cking flawless b*tch ;)
AUGUST 15TH - Today is the day that Mr. Shue wants us to show him (and the rest of the Glee club) what we've got. So prepare a song, do some vocal exercises, and let the spot light shine on you while you show us all your talent. Afterwards, you're free to do as you please for the day.
I had my song prepared. I had done some 'oohhhs' and other vocal exercises, all in order to prepare for today. So when I strutted down the hallway, towards the choir room, my full skirt swinging out along with my hips from side to side, I felt ready. 

If Freddie or Lola hadn't been involved in glee club, then chances are, I would've jumped ship, just like that, and would continue to swim throughout McKinley with my crown placed firmly on my head. But since the both of them were there, I had to stay. I had no other choice. 

I needed to prove it. To Lola. 
Yes, I felt the need to prove something to loser Lola. 
I had no idea why though. Maybe it's because nobody had the nerve to challenge me the way she had previously. Nobody had ever done that, nobody had ever said directly to my face that I wasn't good enough. I'd heard the voice inside my head, continuously chanting that over and over on my bad days though, but it had never come out of my own mouth, let alone someone else's. 
Maybe I was jealous. Wait… why would I be jealous? I'm prettier, maybe a bit smarter, and I have everything under my tight belt, what could Lola have that I didn't have? 
She knows who she is. She knows what she wants. She knows her personality, she knows her weaknesses and her strengths. Where to as, I only have a pale outline of my entire life. Nothing was ever set there, completely in front of me in my life. My entire life, the edges were always blurred, nothing guaranteed or colored in. 
I learned I had to color things in for myself and make things happen, instead of waiting. Lola probably didn't have to. She knew she was smart, she knew she could sing well, she didn't even have to think twice about what the future might have in store for her because she already knew and she'd known for years.
That was her, and then there was me, who was constantly just trying to make things happen and awaiting what each day had in store for me, because I never knew what was going to happen. 

I walk into the choir room. Freddie's saved a seat for me. He's sitting there, talking to Lola herself. The seat he's saved for me of course though, is right between the both of them. I smile at Freddie and he looks up at me, a smile on his face as I sit down. "Hey," He says to me, then leaning in and giving me a quick peck on my lips.

"Hey," I say back to him, admiring his perfect face for a second before I looked back to Lola, shooting her a small smile. 

"Have your song all prepared for today?" She asks me, crossing her legs, her voice sickly sweet. 

"As a matter of fact I do," I smile back, tapping the long heel of my shoe against the tiled floor as I set my baby blue bag down onto the floor, awaiting Mr. Shue's arrival. 
I was excited. But there was a pinch of nervousness that hit me in the slightest bit. I had never performed in front of anyone singing wise. The only way Freddie had found out I could sing was because I burst out into song when a song I liked on the radio came on. 

But I do have a competitive nature, just a tiny bit. So of course the adrenaline is rushing through my veins, so fast with so much anticipation, I feel as if I'm ready to burst.
Mr. Shue walks in saying hello to us and all waiting a second for us to settle down before he starts by saying we all have a talent, hence why we're here, and that he looks forward to hearing our voices. 

I can't wait to perform though. My song is perfect. Maybe a bit cliche, and is bound to get a comment from Lola or something, but I don't even care. It may not be a broadway song, but it's a song sung by my favorite singer. Plus, the song had always been a pick-me-up. Whenever I was feeling down, or not good enough, in the times I doubted myself the most, if I just played this song, it brought me to life almost and then I was back to normal. 
Which was amazing and what I thanked the song the most for. Without it, I really had no idea what I'd do with myself.

"Now, who want's to begin?" Mr. Shue asks, and we pretty much all know what the answer is, so none of us raise our hands. The first hand to shoot up is none other than Lola's, and Mr. Shue welcomes her up in front of the class room with open arms. I sit back, prepared for her performance. I'd heard Lola sing at quite a few occasions. Honestly, she was brilliant. Her voice was perfect, broadway-bound, even. 

But I couldn't just sit here and focus on her performance. I had to stay concentrated, remain calm and confident and await my own. 
She sings a broadway classic that has a lot of high notes, so it exaggerates her talent and boosts her ego to a trillion watts. When she's finished though, I clap, trying to stay calm. And when Mr. Shue asks who's next, I'm the first one up. 

I step up to the front of the room nervously, smiling slightly and nodding to the guys in the corner with their instruments, ready to begin. 
I sing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato and if I do say so myself, I did pretty damn good. I hit all the high notes, my voice not even faltering in the slightest bit. I'm pretty sure I saw some jaws dropping too. I mean, who knew that 'Brazilian Barbie' could sing?
When I'm finished, I smile simply, winking at Freddie who's clapping for me loudly. I walk back to my seat and sit down, crossing my legs and then looking to Lola who was staring at me, her face a mixture of anger and awe almost. 

"Surprised I can sing?" I ask her, raising an eyebrow. 

"No," She says, looking at me. "Surprised you chose such an amateur song to sing." 

I roll my eyes. It's not even worth it. She's not worth it, I tell myself, and instead turn to Freddie, smiling at him. 
"You did great," He says to me sweetly. 

"Thanks," I say, leaning in and giving him a kiss. 

We turn back to see that Nick is performing, playing his guitar and he's actually not bad… not bad at all. 

Glee club flies by and it turns out everyone is pretty damn talented. They're all good. They're original, I guess, and I think they're all meant to be here. When we're dismissed, I get up alongside Freddie, grasping his hand and smiling as we walk out. 
When we're in the parking lot, he walks me to my car and I smile up at him once we reach it. "So… I'll see you tomorrow?" I say with a smile. 

"Yeah," He smiles back at me. "I'm really proud of you," 

"For what?" I giggle lightly. 

"For… you know, stepping up there. Not being afraid no matter what Lola or anyone else said." 

I grin, "I don't care what they think of me," I shake my head. 

"I'm proud of you." 

"Yeah," I smile. "I am too," 

And for once, I finally was.
this is soooo bad ;/ story up @silvermoons
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