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hey, bitcchess. ♡

i'm in a f//uck it all mood. hah. like anybody even cares. this set is pink & reminds me of the word love. you know sometimes i really do want to f//uck love. stay single forever. but then he comes, and my heart starts racing, i get distracted, i start playing with my hair. it's so stupid. it's like i'm posessed. 

i don't know why i can't have a nice boyfriend. i don't know why i can't have someone to cuddle, someone to go to movies with me, and laugh at pathetic things. 

i feel so lonely. 

today i had duke of edinbugh training day, and lets be honest now. it was a complete waste of my f//ucking time. i wasted my whole saturday at school. f//uck everything. now i have to do all my homework tomorrow and ugh. 

so i re-watched pitch perfect, and the ending credits had this amazing sone playing. I FOUND IT & IT'S GLORIOUS.

okay ; martin solveig - we came to smash [ ft. dev ] it literaally. perfection. i've listened to it on repeat 15 times. yes. 

f//uck love. 

- sorcha ♡
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