Well kiddos, this is the truth. All of it. My year of 2010.
Strap in, get a snack, and hit the bathroom if you need to, because this is gonna be long.
Let’s begin here: I. am. Blessed. And I don’t thank God enough for it. So, Dearest Father, thank you for my life and for what it entails and for this wonderful year of my life. I am truly grateful.
The days from January first until the 16th were not memorable in any way.
The sixteenth began as any ordinary day on break begins. I began surfing around on my new laptop, still eternally thankful to be in the warm living room as opposed to the computer room, which is the coldest in my house.
I surfed around Polyvore for a few hours, eventually stumbling on an ordinary seeming Harry Potter roleplay. Being a Harry Potter nut, I investigated. The rules didn’t seem too strict, they were starting over, everything there seemed to be in my favor.
I joined, made a simple set and filled out the form in the description, inventing a girl named Kayla.
Little did I know that on that sixteenth day of January when I hit publish, I was about to enter one of the most beautiful, wonderful, exciting and heartfelt journeys of my life. And it would be wonderful.
Because that day, that action, would bring me to the greatest friends of all. And you guys are totally worth it. Everything.
I continued with projects, as anyone does, as everything good takes time.
And then one day, I was introduced to “comment roleplaying” which I was entirely unfamiliar with. I watched for a few minutes then dived right in.
It was there, in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, that I met some of the most wonderful people I know.
At first, I had no idea who they were, and to them I seemed like a naïve n00b. But, I kept with it, increasing the level of adventure, and so our friendships increased.
What were the names of these wonderful people you ask? Lauren, Kellie, Emily, Ivette and Sammy.
Life outside continued. I made it into my last Middleschool drama play, my best friend’s world fell apart, I made evil plans, I grew up inside, and I began to write better.
The friendships blossomed and bonded rather quickly, and soon I was familiar with the whole regular group, whom I loved. And love.
It was my eighth grade year. I had wonderful RL friends, I was closest to one specific group from NJHS, and one other specific girl named Meghan, and my poly-life was blossoming.
I changed my username, I attended my LAST MathCounts tournament, I got closer and closer to both my RL friends, whom I had many of, and my new Poly friends, who were becoming more and more dear to me. Because they understood me. And understand me.
I kept up with Ravenswood, I had good days, I had bad days, I had just downright days. I hung out with friends, I wrote fanfics, and I invented a certain villain named Michael.
I grew up inside faster and faster, my writing got better and better, I began to share more and more of myself with my Poly-friends, who now included Kristine. (Sorry love, don’t recall when exactly we met.)
Just before the first day of Spring, I joined Kristine and Ivette’s CHB roleplay. I was getting the hang of that roleplaying thing.
I began reading more Lord of the Rings, I worked on my novel, I evolved. I went to Drama practice, I got closer to my first real friend and to Meghan, my first GIRL BFFL.
Life continued. Everyone around me fell apart. Poly-Drama began getting dangerously close to my little safe-haven of friends. Easter came. I got my closeness with God back.
I joined a Quest in CHB Rp. At which point I became close to two more superbly amazing friends. Chris and Mikaela. I came back from Spring Break, to the last performance on my Middleschool stage.
It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life. I felt so special, because that night as tears threatened to stream down my over-made-up face, the rain began to come down, and my heart healed.
Me Meghan and Kyler. The Trio Backwards. Always.
Demigods went on adventures. I posted RL pics and went dress shopping for the Social. Chris made a new CHB roleplay, one that I found seriously awesome and invented two characters for. Both of which are still near and dear to me.
The end of the school year was getting dangerously close. Kellie invented Kayla a boyfriend, I began packing for Florida, and making plans for the night of the Social. Finally, that single Friday night that would define my eighth grade year had arrived. I posted a set saying why I’d be gone, got ready, almost died, and arrived at the gym precisely on time.
I had my first slow dance. Which deserves its monologue.
“Vanilla Twilight blares loudly over the speakers into the decorated gym.
The bookworm, who has found herself transformed into a beautiful social-butterfly, stands alone in the dim glow of the archway lights, softly singing the lyrics to herself, knowing no boy will choose her.
Nearby, a group of popular student council boys are laughing with each other.
Michael looks over, and sees the girl. He goes over to her, takes her by the wrist gently, and pulls her toward Prag.
"Hey Prag, dance with Bekah."
"Dude, I can't dance."
The girl tries to pull away, "It's fine, really."
"Hey Austin!! Dance with Bekah!"
"Sure, of course I will.'
The most popular boy in school, takes the girls hands and begins to dance with her.
she is astounded.
After spinning, dancing, and swaying the song comes to a close, and Austin pulls away.
"Thank you Austin. You don't know how much this means to me."
"It's no problem."
I danced with the most popular guy in my grade. He had insanely sweaty hands. Then, later that year, he’d moved. But, he still had a place for me. I’d come full circle. He’d been my first crush, and ended as my first dance. Thank you Austin.
The rest of the night belongs in some epic poem or prose somewhere, penned by the scribes of teenage friendship and bliss. For the sake of my friends, and my sanity, I will not try and log that sleepover, or the rest of the dance.
NJHS ended with a bang on one certain field trip. It was…beautiful to say the least.
Some adventures concluded, others stopped short, and others were just beginning the day I set out from my hometown for the sunny shores of Florida.
Upon arrival, I got to see my Aunt. How I love her. She intimidates me sometimes, but she’s nice and we’re pretty close.
I went to the beach, I climbed up the tallest lighthouse I’ve ever seen, I saw live alligators being fed, went to the originating city of Girl Scouts, and took pictures of a lot of geckos. And that only took three days.
We left my Aunt’s house the night after the Glee finale, which I watched IN FLORIDA. We drove to Orlando in my Aunt’s tiny, supposed-to-hold-five-people-but-really-shouldn’t-especially-with-luggage-involved car. That was an adventure on its own.
I was there. Disneyworld. Sad part was, it didn’t feel the same as Disneyland, which I’d always known. But still, I was there and it was wonderful. 
Ad then, as Disneyworld passed in a blur of blissful events, the one day come. The day I screamed, cried, laughed, skipped, jumped, cried some more, felt like a total dork, made videos, and everything else to express my emotions in the name of that which brought us together; the day I set foot in Hogwarts.
We got in early, we waited awhile, and then I could see them. The gates. They were there. And I heard the music, and tears welled in my eyes. But they never escaped. For as long as it took to get onto Forbidden Journey, I could say nothing but “OH. MY. GOSH.”
I was home.
Then, the next day, I got on a plane, and went home. Though, it ended up being multiple planes…and cars….yeah.
But, I got home.
It was still Summer, and I would still live.
I had one of the greatest sleepovers ever, found out something horrible, created a new RP, fought for an old one, and stayed up late to read Riordan books.
I had a random impromptu sleepover with the best girlfriends that any girl could ask for. They are my Sisterhood.
I won, I lost, I changed, I grew, I professed my love for things I’d feared, I was freeing myself.
Another hallowed day of awaiting came. In full garb, with wand, I laid on my bed and watched AVPS the second it came on my screen.
I had adventures, I brought old one back to life, I gt depressed, I became filled with joy.
Then came the birthday of the three. JK Rowling. Harry Potter. Joey Richter. It was a good day.
I talked to Amber, I cried, found new songs, began more new adventures.
Innumerable days of summer passed. It was summer, and everything was happening at once.
somewhere in those innumerable days, came my new friend.
Safire. I love you chica.
Then, I left once again. For camp.
Because of both the awesome that occurred, and reasons of recent occurrence, that three day bout of spontaneity and magic will forever remain ingrained in my memory.
I created Kaleb, I professed my love for A-Dub, and I faced a danger that made me break down sobbing.
I spent a whole night crying, wishing with every piece of my heart and soul she was ok. And she still is. I thank God for her every day. I love my girl. I always say that when something reminds me of her.
“That’s my girl”
And I smile. Yes, you. You know who you are. I’ve told you a thousand times. And this is one more.
School. Highschool. I was there. It was real. And I wasn’t as scared as I’d thought.
Forensics, DHID Awesome, RPing, Story-Writing, School, more fear for life.
One night, as everyone else was contacting those they’d lost. I wrote letters to those I knew were not coming back.
More adventures, the return of Glee, adjusting to Highschool life. Fear, truth, love forgiveness, hurt, pain, magic.
The Lost Hero. It deserves a monologue all to its own, but I have no time for that.
MAGIC, pain, Darren on glee, Ray, and sometime in early November, in the haste of NaNoWriMo, I became an OFFICIAL NERDFIGHTER.
And I’ll never go back. Hank and John understand better than my parents.
I expressed my feelings, we had Thanksgiving, there was a snow day, I gave up on some people who had long ago given up on me, I wrote letters.
I professed my inner depression, I talked of things I love, I officially left behind a part of my life, because he officially didn’t care anymore. (though I still think about him all the time)
And I smiled.
“They’re comin in fast, evasive action. Get to the guns, and we’ll bring’em down.”
And soon, it came.
It was, in fact Christmas.
Sure many hardships came between, I thought about bad things, I got scared to death, I cried like a baby.
But that didn’t matter anymore. It was Christmas and God blessed me with peace and with joy.
I felt better than I had in years.
And that’s how I feel now.
This was going to wait until New Years, and it will be reposted with the rest of December, plus my New Years Eve, but for now, this is how it is.
And I fracking love you all so darn much.
Love. Always. Bekah.
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Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
Thanks kelliekins! It's funny how Harry Potter tends to do that. Bring lives together, save lives, make true friends. People who understand each other can work wonders on the heart.
Iloveyoukellie. <3 : )

Wrote 6 years ago
Thank you so much Saffy. you're so wonderfulmazing!

Wrote 6 years ago
My god Bekah,
I read that whole thing <3 youaresoamazing
wow, I would never have the time, patience, or guts to write this sorta thing
just, wow.
Makes me think back :'D




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Ok this contest is based off of your life. Something in your life that happend to you that inspired some of your sets :) ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING :) Three days, three winners, limit is three. Just have a good time with it :)

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