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Hi girls, have a nice weekend :)) This was a pretty long week for me, so here I am, back on poly :)) And I'm gonna do a TAG :D 
I was tagged by @milla-starinac ! ♥
Here we go :

1) Best friend on Polyvore:
@milla-starinac , @lisamichele-cdxci , @elske88 , @ashley-rebecca , @patpatkay ....and many other nice girls! :D ♥

2) Can you remember your last dream?
Yeah, it was strange...I was going at school with some girls I don't even know, and when we arrived the school was totally different...and strange..xD stupid dreams... 

3) 3 places you would like to go on vacation:
Italy, Spain and Israel. :)) 

4) Do you like chocolate?
I ADORE chocolate! =] Every kind of it. ♥

5) what do you notice first on a boys face?
The eyes...^.^

6) do you like rainy or snowy days more?
rainy days, I hate snow...:P 

7) what is your favorite 4 legged creature?
Dogs ♥ and cats :) ♥

8) do you like spicy food?
not really...

10) what was the last movie you watched?
I think it was "Pretty Woman" :D few days I'm about to watch "Argo", they say it's a cool movie :D 

11) What music do you like?
I love rock music, hard rock and glam rock stuff form the 80s.. :) also I adore Lana Del Rey :D 

12)3 favorite foods:
pancakes, stuffed peppers, and I love fish :D 

13) Do you like to shop?
yessss., I loveeee to shop !! =] 

14) Whats your middle name?
I don't have it :P 

15) Favorite fruit?
banana :D 

16) Have you ever gotten detention?
not really....xD

17)Celebrity idols:
I don't have idols, I have crushes xD As, Ian, Axl Rose, Iker Casillas, Simon Cruz, Peter London, Kurt Cobain...bla bla many hot people :)) 

18) How big is your bed?
It's big, I have enough space for meee to sleep and sleeep....I wanna marry my bed xD ^^

19) Have you ever cried during a movie?
Not really, I get a bit emotional but I never cry... 

20) if you were stranded on a desert island who would you want to be with? 
With my best friend, coz we're both crazy and that would be such a great adventure :DD

You can do this tag if you want :)) I enjoyed doing it :D
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