[soundtrack: I MISS YOU - BLINK 182.]

I think I'm going to leave this group soon.
I love all of the members - but I'm just not feeling it anymore.
It's not...the same. It kind of died.

Then again, I like my character. I need more inspiration for her, since I have no idea whatsoever with what to do with her. And...I don't know. Someone convince me to stay:3


I just finished a gig with Aaron's band.
It was awkward, as usual, but fun.

I headed home, to Matt's place.
I didn't expect him to be home.

Since the whole drama between us made him come back to NYC instead of touring, he's been doing even more gigs and "band stuff" than usual. Yeah, I miss him.

I barely see him.

As I hopped up the steps to the right floor, alternative music blasted and floated down the stairs.

Blink-182's Girl At The Rockshow.

I thought it was the guys who lived above us, but they had a shitty taste in music. As I neared Matt's place, I realized the music was from our place.

I opened the door and the sweet smell of drugs, alcohol, rock, and a bit of sex hit me.

"She's hereee!" I heard a familiar girl screech. Think it was Fara.

I did a circle around the place. Everyone was here.

"Who's here?" I asked, taking a drag off of Temp's joint.

She laughed. "/You/."

After spending almost an hour getting drunk, and high, and saying hello to everyone, I finally heard Matt's voice coming from the kitchen.

"Shitt!" I followed the voice.

"What's wrong?" I asked, biting out of a cupcake on the counter. 

He whirled around, surprised. "Harlow! Har, when'd you get here?"

I shrugged. "An hour ago?"

He sighed, then shouted, "You fuckers, this was a surprise party! You were supposed to tell me when she got here!"

Mutters and laughter replied to him and he sighed.
"Sorry Har." he wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned in for the kiss that I gave him.

"Happy 17th." he murmured.

I pulled away. "Oh, shitt. That's today?"

He laughed at me being nonchalant.

I shrugged. "And you threw me a /party/?"

He smiled. "Why can't you enjoy it?"

I shrugged. "What's to celebrate? Another year. Woo."

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and he grabbed me from behind and put me on the counter.

"Well, I have a little...gift for you."

I pouted. "No gifts."

"What? C'mon, you do this every year."

I smiled. "Why can't you just give me a good night of sex as a gift and that's that?"

He smirked. "I never said you weren't getting /that/."

I blushed. He put my legs around him and we started kissing.

A lot.


I called Konstant.

She didn't answer.

I called Tempest.



"Ello love."

"Can I come over?"


I walked to Temp's place. I couldn't find her.
So I sat down and had breakfast with her parents.

I kind of like...love them.
They're good hippies.

Like my parents had been.
Y'know, until they died.

We talked about a lot of shitt.
And then Temp came.

"Aren't you going to Barcelona?"

I turned around. "A bar?"

She laughed.

"Where's Barcelona again?" Matt asked, watching me stuff clothes into a handbag.

"Uh, Spain."

I turned to him, my handbag on my shoulder.


He nodded. "If you go, I go."

"I miss Alaska." I muttered as Temp sighed.

"Chicks before di-cks doesn't really go for her, I guess."

I shrugged, stretching out in the airplane's seat. 
"I always thought Oli was...an ass."

She smiled. "Guess Alaska thinks otherwise."

"Alaska's an ass, too." I giggled.

"Our ass." 

We agreed.

The plane ride was long.
I slept against Matt.

And we left NYC.

- harlow.

[yeah. wow. this sucked. idk, guys. i really think this is it.]
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