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JOB; computer coder
HOMETOWN; Tokyo, Japan
BIRTHDAY; May 28th
BIO; Mayu Watanabe? Daughter of Ken Watanabe, technology genius and household name? Sure, her father has invented the top-of-the-line humanoids and gaming devices that sold millions within seconds, but Mayu's different. She's the less eccentric, more reserved version of her father. She's sweet, shy, soft-spoken, and underestimated most of the time. She doesn't look like a typical nerd; soft dark brown hair and dewy eyes. She can be found inventing something, calculating math equations in her head near the speed of light, or playing on her violin. At high school in Japan, she was top of her class and the nation in the entrance exam. However, Mayu always found herself without friends because of her poor social skills. Everyday was routine for her, and she just wanted some fun. That was until she met Mark Zuckerberg, when she was studying at Harvard her freshman year at the Widener Library. Mayu remembers him as the only friend she has ever had. When he invited her to work for Facebook after senior year, she canceled her previous plans of returning back to Tokyo and taking over her father's business or inventing world-class machines for diagnosing cancer. In Palo Alto, Mayu is simply another computer coder. But she says, she'll do anything for Mark, even if it impedes her from being something greater. Mayu can be possessive of people, and she has troubles letting go. She avoids social situations, but when she is faced with dealing with people she can appear cold and bitcchy. She can also be easily tricked and gives into pressure easily. She's not much of a leader, only a mere follower. 
MODEL; Aragaki Yui

- what brings you to facebook?
Hmm... well, I've always been good enough with computers, even though initially I wanted to become an inventor. I've known Mark since my first year of undergrad at Harvard, and he invited me to come work at Facebook after I graduated. I used to help him code his original web pages. I watched Facebook grow from the moment it started, following every news report. But honestly... I just wanted to see him again, after he moved to Palo Alto and dropped out of Harvard. So I flew all the way to California to see him.

- how do you feel about working with visionary creators, such as facebook founder mark zuckerberg?
I feel honored and blessed. I know Facebook will grow tremendously over the next decade and I'm proud to be a part of its growth. However, I need to realize that me coming to Cali wasn't about reuniting with Mark as so much making sure Facebook runs smoothly. 

- what do you hope to learn through this experience? 
I hope to learn what it's like to work in a team, since I usually prefer solo, independent study. I've been living in the United States for four years, and although my English is proficient enough I hope to further my understanding of working in a foreign company. 

- what do you think you contribute to our company?
I'm adept in computer programming, although I don't have an official degree. I guess I can program a few things, but nothing much. I'll admit I'm not /naturally/ gifted at computer programming websites even though my father taught me since the age of six. 

People often wonder why I'm here, or where I came from. My story is simple. I came from Tokyo, Japan, the land of the rising sun. I grew up in a bustling metropolis filled with people talking, conversing, and crammed subways. Somehow, I never liked that part of Tokyo, with the 400 million people. I preferred Kyoto and the seaside, away from society.

I'm affected with a strong case of anxiety disorder. When I'm with people, I start convulsing and I mentally break down. Ever since I was a kid, when the other children were playing I was in the corner, reading a novel the other children couldn't comprehend. My father said it was simply because I was ages ahead of my classmates, but I disagreed. I didn't feel any wiser than my classmates did, perhaps I felt even stupider when it came to people. I hated speaking and skipped the majority of junior high at Shinjuku Junior High in avoidance of crowds. My father and my mother divorced during this period, leaving me alone in my Tokyo penthouse for the majority of my last year in Junior high. My father took custody, and he hired a private tutor. 

One time, I remember bringing my cat to school in the 6th grade. Pets weren't allowed in school, but I kept my cat, or neko as they say in Japanese, in my briefcase until recess. I'd sneak under the slide and pet my cat, whose name was Nemo. He would pur so softly and provide me with warmth I couldn't get from people. Suddenly, a group of boys found me and took Nemo and grabbed him by their dirty palms. I cried to not let Nemo go, but I was helpless. They made fun of me for being so close to this cat, and they killed him. Blood was everywhere. They threw the cat in the nearby artificial man-made stream. I was too scared to tell the teachers. They would blame me for bringing my cat to school and would rather punish me. People don't like shy, quiet people. They mistake us for being cold and snobby. We're just misunderstood. We want to be adored, to be loved, but we can't. They didn't understand how much I loved Nemo. That experience traumatize me for the rest of junior high. 

But oh, that's not the only thing that happened. I got my hair shaven bald, gender discrimination, because I beat a boy in the entrance exam to Tokyo Academy High, one of the top high schools in Tokyo. It took me two years to grow it out, and everyday I had to wear an itchy wig from some fancy Italian wig shop. I couldn't do anything with it, since it was too expensive. 

When I was admitted to TAH, my parents congratulated me. They bragged about how I was definitely going to get into Tokyo University, the #1 university in Japan, with my credentials, but I secretly promised myself I'd go somewhere away from Japan, for once. My English was the top in the class, apparently, so I had that taken care of. During the time, my mother just married her boyfriend, the foreign actor Bill Marriot. His brother was on the Harvard admissions board, and soon that began my interest in Harvard University. 

Soon, my social anxiety disorder started getting better. I was beginning to become more well-known in the school. I was leader of the orchestra and editor of the newspaper. I had my eyes set on Harvard, no matter what. Yet somehow, I still felt... alone. Like nobody cared about me. 
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Welcome to the Asian Inspired and melody group
where you can find the inspiration of Asia.
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Your Favorite Color for Summer [Asian set]

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Allowed spring/summer related,show main color or 2 colors combo no a lot of colors.
no template 3 days no limits.

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