His eyes burned into her, and a sudden sense of relief over came her. It had been what she hoped for, a longing to be near to him, to feel his skin against hers, to kiss his lips and just lie with him. She had secretly been afraid that she wouldn't feel the same love she had originally felt, before all the break ups and make-ups. But if anything it was stronger.
"I don't really know what to say, I-" Alex started, but Julia rushed forwards and threw herself onto his chest, his arms automatically returning the embrace. She held her arms around his back, and he kissed the top of her head as she breathed in the scent she had been longing for and missing subconsciously all that time. She pulled away and looked at him again, reading his expression, her hands moving around his neck.
“I’ve missed you.” She said simply.
He smiled, “Me too,” and he kissed her, pulling her back towards him. After what felt like two seconds, their kiss ended and Julia wished they could just stay they forever. He took her hands in his by the sides of their bodies and a huge smile of final happiness spread over his face.
“Sorry I didn’t see you in the café,” Julia started to say, “But even now, why did you want to see me, did you want something, because you know this can’t go public?” she rushed the words.
“I didn’t want anything in particular, but seeing you, well I just had to see you properly. I know, I know,” he looked down at their intertwining hands now, “what will we do? How long do we need to wait, take as long as you want, okay?” 
“I don’t want to wait” Julia said bluntly, leaning slightly toward Alex, his eyes on her lips. “But we have to” she whispered. 
Alex gulped, “I know I just said take as long as you want, but … maybe we don’t have to wait?” A look of worry prickled in Julia’s gleaming eyes, “It’s the magazines and stuff that you’re worried about yeah?” Julia nodded and looked at Alex in anticipation as she bit her lip, their hands still together. “We will be old news after a while, Cal…He will get over it, he’ll find someone soon enough, no one will care and we shouldn’t even care anyway.”
Julia digested everything Alex said. He had a point. Caleb was amazing, any girl would be lucky to have him, and she couldn’t help but feel the media were the definitive factor in her decision for Alex and her to stay apart until a considerable amount of time was up. She pulled her hands out of Alex’s touch, he was slightly taken aback, his mind instantly jumped to rejection, and even though it would be short term, he felt crushed, his insides churned, it had been too long since they were togeth-
“Let’s do it” she said quietly, “Let’s do it.” She repeated again with significant certainty. Before he knew it, she was back in his arms which held her petite frame as delicately as a flower, whilst her hands clung to the back of his neck making their way into his hair slightly. This time, he removed himself from their embrace quickly, instantly moving his hands to her ribs and pushing her to the wall, her body was pressed between the hard wall and his warmth. He kissed her with an explosive passion that had been bubbling inside him, boiling his very core to think of her and only her since the days in New York. Julia gasped and turned her lips away as Alex’s soft mouth slid down her neck.
Julia lost all sense of the world, the walls melting away around them, her heart rose quickly and filled with happiness, she felt as if she was willingly trapped in a time. Nothing but Alex and his kisses to contend with. Julia gasped as she realized Alex was most likely feeling the same way when his hand slid to her leg and up her thigh, “We’re in Megan’s apartment!” she moved away from him, smiling, tantalizing him all the while. 
“Oh.” Alex said, still wearing a smile, “I got a bit-“
“into it” Julia said, kissing him on the lips one last time. “Right, wait here…” Julia said as she walked quickly off to the study where Megan and Rob would have been stuck for all that time. She knocked and went in to see Megan with her feet on the desk talking to Rob who was running his hand along the long shelf of books.
“Hey guys, er Megan?” Julia motioned for her to leave and she followed Julia into the hall. “We’re getting back together!” Julia said attempting to sound composed. 
“Oh my god! That’s wonderful!!!! I had a feeling you would!” Megan said hugging Julia. “You know, if you wanna go… you can?” she winked.
“No no no no no , we arranged this before this and, friends come firs-“
“Well long lost loves and relationships also come into it, anyway I’ve seen the film before, go and have a good time” she smirked at Julia, who put her hands together in joy, hugged Megan once more and walked back to Alex.
He was waiting patiently for her when she walked to his side and felt for his hand, “Let’s go home.”
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