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Jayde Everly 
age: 17
year: 3rd 
Jayde Everly is simply beautiful, a vixen at the least. Her womanly whiles have boys humiliated countless times and she never gets tired of it. Its like a sick little game of hers to toy with hearts. After all, a girl from a broken family knows no better - whoops! Jayde is also a compulsive liar, she'll do just about anything to cover her ass and her friends'. She'll also go through any lengths to maintain her 4.0 GPA - even if it means blackmailing her teachers or stealing copies of tests the night before. Although she's usually in a good mood and is usually smiling, there's something off about her, and she's consistently zoning out, maybe Pemberley has finally caught up with her. Some say that she's been more involved than others in Chanel's cruel pranks, maybe even to lengths that Jade herself might not be proud of. Just about time for this one to fall off her high horse. 
taken by: Hopefully @rockets-and-rainbows
model: Nimue Smit

Top 3: Jayde, Chanel, and Juliette


"Where were you last night, Miss Everly?" The headmaster asked me. I cleared my throat and smiled like nothing was wrong.

"What?" I asked, acting startled, "of course, I was with my friends in the library studying." Lie number one. "I /surely/ was on campus where I was supposed to be." Lie number two. "Trust me, I spent the whole night studying and that's why I got an A on my exam," I smiled. Lie number three.

"Well, Miss Everly, you have a pretty good record as it is, but don't think you're completely off the hook. You need to have at least three witnesses from that night and I want a written report by Friday," The headmaster said. I smiled and crossed my hands in my lap.

“Of course!” I smiled, exiting the room. I walked out into the beaming, sunny day that awaited me. A group of girls I didn’t really think we important came up to me, asking questions and loudly talking over each other. I swear I could barely hear what anything that they were saying, not like it was important anyway.

“Jayde! Jayde! Jayde!” A perky blond with bad teeth said. I turned to face her and she shied back a little. “Is it true that you’re going to be expelled? It’s the whole talk of the school, and we’re /dying/ to know,” she said eagerly. ‘Stop caring so much about me, I don’t even know you.’ ‘Just go away, okay?’ ‘None of your business, brownnoser.’ I considered all of the following phrases, but finally decided on my favorite one. Suddenly, I had a better idea. I might as well lie because it wasn’t like this girl was important or anything close.

“Oh, yes. It’s quite a shame.” I started to fake cry and took out my embroidered handkerchief that my grandmother gave me. “I have until the end of the semester before I have to go back home,” I sniffled. 

“That’s such a shame! We’ll miss you so much, Jayde. How about a little going away party?” The perky blonde said. I smiled a little, looking hopeful.

“You’d do that for me?” I asked in disbelief.

“Of course! We know you’d do the same for us.” I fake smiled and began digging through my bag.

“It seems I have to run,” I said. The huddle of girls waved and walked the other way.

“Is it true that you’re leaving?” A tall brunette boy asked me. I blushed a little bit and nodded.

“This is my last semester,” I lied.

“Well, we should get to know each other before you go.” I looked back up at him. Yes. We. Should.
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