I know we were supposed to pick a model that looks like us but I don't know of any model/actresses that look like me. So, I chose a model with brown hair and blue eyes like me.
Name: Sarah Monroe
Age: 22
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Education: Melbourne Fashion Institute, Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design
What's your everyday style? I wear clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. Yes, it sounds lame but I'm not silly enough to suffer pain for fashion. My everyday style is quite casual but sparked up by unique items of clothing that I've either 1. bought or 2. designed myself. I love prints and my wardrobe consists majorly of printed clothing, sweaters and fitted clothing of sorts. All I can say is that there's never a dull moment with my wardrobe choices (but I wouldn't call myself the new Lady Gaga, if you know what I mean).
Type of clothing you design? I design clothing that is not only fashionable but exciting, thrilling and never a bore. My designs are aimed at women and men who want to express themselves through clothing and stand out from the crowd. My designs have a range of designs/styles, textures and colours that are created to suit their needs and wants. 

If you could describe your design style in one word, what would it be? Bold.
What colors do you use and wear the most? I don't choose just one colour and I could never choose a favourite colour. I like using all colours because like I said before, there's never a dull moment.
Favorite designer? My favourite designers would have to be Marc Jacobs, Kenzo and Acne.
Article of clothing you cannot live without? My French Connection Pretty Lady Fedora is an item of clothing/accessory that I could not live without.
What makes you different from the other designers? I believe that my individuality and communication with the men and women who wear my designs, for feedback and opinions, is what makes me different from other designers. I actually listen to my end-users and always make sure that my designs are comfortable and appropriate for everyday wear.
Which celebrities do you think have the best style? Rita Ora, Solange Knowles, Lana Del Rey, Emma Roberts and Chloë Sevigny.
If you could style anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why? I'd love to style Olivia Palermo, if I was ever given the chance.
What is the thought process behind your designs? I always keep a notepad in my handbag for the times that I get ideas for designs, there's nothing more horrible than forgetting something that could have potientially been a stunning design. After sketching, I go through the typical design process; write up a rough brief, research, various sketches (pattern drafting, annotated sketches, etc), work on the product and reassure that it fits the criteria I began with (this is when evaluation criteria comes in handy). I'm a very organised person, as you can tell.
What type of themed challenge would you like to see? A haute couture challenge sounds fun to me.
If you won the million dollar prize, what would you do with the money? I'd divide it between my family, charity, myself and then keep the remaining money in the bank for a rainy day. I'm not the type to buy extravagent clothing simply to go to the bathroom, I kid, but I don't buy things that I don't need.
Portfolio: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2412250
Top 3 models for 1st challenge:
1. Sidney Miller 
2. Magnolia Xander 
3. Elsa Moisdon 

Model: Amelia Zadro
Taken by: @sarahstardom
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