Sunday October 28: Dinner Weekly Dinner With Tim and Suzanne. Zara and Nicole on cooking duty.


"Why are you all dressed up?" Zara questioned immediately as i sat myself down on one of the stools in the kitchen, "Where are you going?" She asked accusingly, turning her attention back to cooking while waiting for my response. 

"I'm meeting Dylan for dinner." I replied smoothing out my skirt. Dylan had called last minute and invited me out to dinner and of course i couldn't say no to spending sometime with his gorgeous face. 

Zara rolled her eyes, "I'm cooking dinner and your leaving to spend time with pretty boy." 

"Dylan?" Holly questioned bounding into the kitchen, planting herself into the conversation, "Spending time with him is so much better than Zara's cooking," She winked, "No offense." She shrugged noticing the death glares Zara was sending her way. 

"Wait, why are you all dressed up?" I asked quickly before Zara could retort with one of her b.tchy comebacks.

"I'm going out." She said nonchalant, "And before you ask it's not with Jason." She rolled her eyes. I'm pretty sure that comment was mostly for Holly but then again i wasn't too sure. 

"I gotta get going." I stated sliding off the stool. I wasn't too sure if it was safe leaving Holly and Zara together in the kitchen with the knives but i'm sure they could manage not killing each other. 

"Remember to use protection!" Holly called after me, loud enough for Tim and Suzanne to hear. I shot the two a sheepish grin and continued on my way. I'd get her back for that. 

"Hi, Dylan." I greeted giving his cheek a kiss before taking a seat the table, "Thanks for inviting me out." I smiled. What i really wanted to say was thanks for inviting me out to stare at your gorgeous face. But i refrain from making a complete fool of myself. 

Dylan smiled showing off his perfect smile, "Of course." 

"How have you been?" I asked after giving my order to the waiter, "I feel like it's been forever since i've seen you." 

"It's only been two weeks Evie." He pointed out with a laugh, "But i know how you feel. I've been missing that face of yours." He grinned. Now if i was a person who blushed i certainly would have at that moment but i don't so i just smiled back. 

"Right back at you." I winked, "But that doesn't answer my question." 

Dylan raised an eyebrow but answered my question anyway, "I've been good just working a lot." Now the thought of him working was almost enough to make me blush, "What about you? How have you been?" He asked pulling me out of my thoughts. 

"I've been good." I smiled, "Working a lot as well." 

"You know," He started taking a quick pause to take a sip of his water, "I should let you cut my hair soon." 

"What?" I exclaimed choking a bit on my food. I hadn't known Dylan for that long but in the short amount of time i've gotten to know him he never once asked for a hair cut. Which was crazy on his part because i was perfect at it, "Really?" 

"Yeah, why not." He smiled, "I mean you are the best at what you do, aren't you?" He grinned and it suddenly felt very hot in the restaurant. 

"Of course i am." I stated confidently with a wink. 

The remainder of the evening was filled with more shamelessly flirting and the offer to go back to Dylan's place. Of course i turned that offer down, i think we both knew it would only end up in more flirting and the possibility of jumping each others bones. I'm sure Holly was going to kill me for saying no.
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