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Top Set for June 3rd!!!! <3

Ok, I need this shirt!!! <3<3

Anyway, my BIRTHDAY is tomorrow, which is actually now. It wasn't my birthday when I made this. I'm gonna be (am) 15!! 

For The Battle of the Hipsters :)

- @nerdychic-xx
- @brianna-xoxo
- @ditzy22
- @thenamesmaggie
- @nomieissoepic
- @emmaluv10869
- @rolingpaige
- @stereograce
- @live-love-laugh-dream-sparkle-xo
- @bella-styles-xo
- @fa-tale
- @tropicalteen 
- @heyyitskim
- @alyyyyyy
- @pink-5

We would all come over to my house and take turns jumping off the waterfall (I actually have a pool like this at my house!). Then we would have a water balloon fight. After, we would do finger painting on our arm, legs, and bellies. We would be filming everything for a Summer of 2013 scrapbook film we would all get at the end of the summer to keep as memories!

♡Owl City♡//♡Explorers♡

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