Name: Rosearia "Rose" Grace Marie Guillaume
Age: 17
Princess of: Luxembourg
Model: Sasha Luss
Personality: very defensive, two-faced, seemingly sweet but she will stab you in the back, has a wild boy-crazy side
Style: Likes a lot of pastels, very girly, but at the same time she loves leather; two sided just like her
Likes: oxfords, sneaking out, shorts, gardens, lace, boys, tea, cities, being the best, diamonds, pearls, florals, snow, mountains
Dislikes: being confined, red lipstick, following the rules, losers, wannabees, copycats, her parents, being watched constantly, walls, long books, wasting her time
[ ] Black or [ ❤ ] white
[ ] Anna Wintour or [ ❤ ] Karl Lagerfeld?
[ ❤] Starbucks Coffee Company or [ ] Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt?
[ ❤ ] Shopping or [ ] online shopping?
[ ] Summer or [ ❤ ] Winter?
Father-Grand Duke Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume of Luxembourg
Mother-Maria Teresa Mestre
Brother-Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Brother-Prince Félix of Luxembourg
Brother-Prince Louis of Luxembourg
Sister-Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg
Brother-Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg
Biography: The youngest of the Luxembourg family, Rose has always felt overshadowed by her many siblings. Her parents are very busy, and therefore she's constantly under watch by the many family advisers and assistants. She hates being told what to do, and was always sneaking out to hang with her friends and boys, none of which her parents approved of. They wanted her to only associate with royals, which is why they sent her to this school. Up until now, she's been able to get away with all her sneaking out. One day, she left the country for two whole days incognito with her friends. Her parents didn't even notice,until finally one of her goody-goody siblings tattled on her when upon her drunken return. That was the tip of the iceberg, and her parents sent her away. She's extremely deceitful, and always uses her sweet looks to get whatever she wants. She can be a total bitchh, so watch out and don't make her mad.
Secret: She has a tattoo that her parents don't know about, and she's constantly sneaking out to hang out with 'unapproved' guys and friends. She was once in love with a boy at home, but her parents sent her away to be away from him because he wasn't a royal.

Hey there. I'm Rose. Just Rose. If you wanna sneak out and party I'm in, just dont get on my bad side.

((Friends, enemies, you know the drill.))
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