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1. First, this is lovely lovely layout is credit to the amazing @twobytwo :))
2. There will not be a new MTW story/chapter until next weekend, like March 26th. Sorry, I didn't have time to write one tonight.
3. Thanks A MILLION to @oscar-wilde for being awesome, I will owe the successes of my spring break trip to her probably haha but thank you again! <3
4. Spring Break is finally here and it makes me happy! NO SCHOOL. But it also means, in essence, no Poly...
5. SO YES, I AM GOING TO BE GONE FOR A WHOLE WEEK ON SPRING BREAK VACATION. I know, I will miss you all very dearly, BUT I actually have an iPhone now (first time going on vacation with one) and so I will still be able to come on and check out some of you all's sets and comments and PMs. However, I won't be on all that much probably. And I will also try to be updating my Tumblr too from my phone. The main point is I will not be making any new sets until a week from Sunday (March 26th) because unfortunately I do not have a laptop. And yeah, I can't be on Polyvore all the time when I'm on vacation haha. But I will miss you all and hope you all have wonderful breaks! :)

I would tag all of my friends, but there's too many of you lovely people, so I just hope you all see this and know that I will try to come on sometimes and talk if I can! <3

TALK TO YOU ALL IN ABOUT A WEEK. And goodness, not making a set for a week... That will be hard but I look forward to a fun vacation! 

Byeeee! :)))

xx Taylor

P.S. I'm going to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games and I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I've never been to a midnight premiere before... this is a huge deal. asjskJHAGhghgdlG;; xD
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