could it be // charlie worsham

this set is so different than it was meant to be haha 
i love how women can hit men but men can't hit women. like i want guys to rally like feminists and go against that and so many other things haha. like if i slap my boyfriend in a fight then he can slap me back. if i cheat he can slap me {{ girl's slap guys all the time for cheating }} if i'm him {{ none of this stuff would happen haha }} he can slap me.
and in custody cases women almost always get the kids. like i could walk in there and say "one time when he was 19 he drank and got a dui." and he wouldn't get the kids even if they knew every night i went out and got hammered. like it's pretty stupid. guys should go against women i would rally with them.
- - - - -
battle of the birds ;; flamingos
picture of self // 5 points // check
5 likes // 5 points // below // check
name // 5 points // check
enter // 5 points // check
ec ;; 2O points

O1. hockey
O2. color blue
O3. Penn State hockey
O4. that wonderful manip in the top left {{ i'm dying it makes me smile each time }}
O5. country music
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