Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding
Penelope St.Clair

Wednesday: The ladies board has gone over the lists of names for the girls that have applied to be in the debutantes' ball. All applications have been accepted or denied- today you will learn your fate at the Ramsey house once again. After the meeting be sure to either celebrate or sulk in your futures' options.

“Sweetheart you have to look very presentable” my mom said

“Ev she looks fine” my dad said as my mom rolled her eyes

“Thanks dad” I said smiling

“I’m sorry I want our daughter to be debutante queen again this year” my mom said and it was my turn to role my eyes

“Well I’m pretty positive she is going to make the cut” my dad said 

“Well I’m leaving Grey’s outside waiting for me” I said before grabbing my purse and walking outside, I slid into Grey’s car and I said

“My parents are annoying” I said

“It’s only because they love you” he said smiling

When we arrived at the Ramsey’s house I groaned there were already girls crying I honestly felt bad, We walked inside and I overheard Camilla say, “Well of course I made it” I rolled my eyes and I heard Grey chuckle behind me

“Penelope ,Grey ” Mrs. Ramsey said smiling

“ Morning Mrs. Ramsey” I said smiling 

“Oh sweetheart I hope you weren’t worried about the whole application process” she said

“Penelope Worried, like that happened” Grey said

“Yeah well of course you made darling” she said 

“Thanks my parents will be thrilled” I said smiling as she nodded and walked away, I saw Calista and Alex, and Amelia

“Hey guys” I said

“Penny” Cali said giving me a hug

“I mean was there any surprise that we made it” Calista said as I shrugged and said

“Of course not”

“Am the only one that hope I didn’t make this year?” Melia asked 

“Nope” I said as she had a look of relief on her face and Cali said

“Don’t worry dears this is our last year”

“The only fun part is dress shopping” I said as they both agreed

After the meeting Grey and I went to get lunch, we sat down and ordered and Grey said “So who’s going to be your escort?”

“Hmm I was wondering some tall, handsome and a complete sweetheart” I said smiling

“Oh really where are you going to find someone like that?” he asked
I smirked “You I don’t know someone like that is so hard to find”

“Well I hope you find him” Grey said laughing

“Yeah me too” I said giggling 

“Gosh I can’t take all your asking of course I’ll be your escort” Grey said as we both started laughing 

“What color do you think I should wear?” I asked him

“Mmm I don’t know babe you look good in anything” he said smiling

“Awe how did I get so lucky” I said smiling

“I ask myself that everyday” he said as he started laughing as I threw a roll at him

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