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†Maya Sigatova
age. seventeen
grade. senior
born. 25th November, 1994
hometown. Moscow, Russia 
magical power. telepathy
biography. Maya grew up taking care of herself. Her mother is a famous American actress who has no time for her scandalous love child. Maya had made headlines even before she was born. She hated being in America where everyone seemed to know something about her. So at age six Maya told her mother that she wanted her own house. Her mother begrudgingly agreed deciding it would get Maya out of her hair. So Maya and a few servants moved all the way from L.A. To Moscow, Russia. Maya's house was nothing fancy just enough for her to live by and that was the way she liked it. When she was old enough (twelve) she fired all her servants to make her own way. Maya is fiercely independent and hates being told what to do. Which makes her a bit hard to be around if you are anyone but Vasilisa. Vasilisa is one of Maya's best friends and she even came to live with Maya after her father died. Vasilisa makes Maya a better person, she softens a bit and isn't quiet so rude. But with out her Maya is an wild spirit who just wants to live.
looks. Sasha Pivovarova 


daily schedule.
7am-8am - breakfast
8am-9am - morning mass
9am-9:50am - calculus ii
9:50am-1Oam - break
1Oam-1O:5Oam - french
1O:5Oam-11:4Oam - english
11:4Oam-12:3Opm – computer graphics
12:3Opm-1pm - lunch and break
1pm-2pm – economics
2pm-3pm - chemistry
3pm-3:5Opm - russian
3:5Opm-4:4Opm - fashion
4:4Opm-5pm - etiquete classes conducted by headmistress ivashkov
5pm-6pm - afternoon mass
6pm-1Opm - dinner and free time for homework, hanging out, i.e.
all filles must be in bed by 1O:3Opm, when bed checks are conducted


I strolled towards the kitchen in my apartment. Even though it was 2 in the morning I was extremely hungry, which is no surprise really. I hadn't been sleeping for some reason lately. My mind just wouldn't stop spilling out random things into my head.

I went to the fridge looking for some milk for my cereal. 'he's dead' I immediately shut the fridge and scanned the small kitchen looking for whoever said that. I stood there for a minute listening very closly, but there wasn't any movement in the whole house. I quickly got my cereal and made my way back down the hall to the living room. 'I can't believe he's dead.' I dropped my cereal on the ground the glass bowl smashing into pieces. I heard a sharp knock on the door.

Who the helll could that be? I thought. I ran to the door and looked through the peep hole. I saw Lissa her usually perfectly smudged eyeliner running down her face. I opened the door immediately ushering my closest friend to the couch.

“Lissa, what happened?” I said seriously. But she didn't answer all she could do was shake her head and cry some more. I gathered her in for a hug. We stayed like that for a while. Lissa crying and me just being there trying to do whatever I could. I didn't find out til the the next day what really happened. But the truth is if I had really listened I would have known the story long before Lissa had even gathered the strength to knock on the door.

-more to come hopefully but I am so freaking tired and this isn't working at the moment-
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Gaga looks amazing. the whole thing looks amazing!

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your character/tryout has been accepted into les filles de nyx. welcome to russia. (feel free to make your intro set)

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virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

Hello there ◕ ‿◕
This is a whimsical group made by deux filles lunatique, @hermionejane and @glitterinmyveins, (aka two whimsical girls.)
We want your best indie, whimsical, dreamy, magical and sparkly sets. We hope you join ;)

pearls, rosettes, + marie antoinette.

pearls, rosettes, + marie antoinette.

hello lovely people of polyvore.
this *fashion* group is for you if you believe that marie antoinette is simply a goddess, you adore roses and the romanticism behind them, and you just love anything that involves pearls. it is also for you if you secretly dream of magic and fairytales, you are still a little kid at heart, and you like to think that you put a bit of yourself into every set you make on polyvore.
if this sounds like you, then join. :)
est. february 7, 2010


3rd place in group contest: Gaga, beyonce, niki Minaj!!

3rd place in group contest: Gaga, beyonce, niki Minaj!!

13 sets from three members. Ended 5 years ago.
Create a set with lady gaga, beyonce or niki Minaj in them!!! No limit!!!!!!!!

Three days!!!


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