Based on The Fates from Hercules ~ Present 

Name: Piper Fate
Age: 18
FC: Taissa Farmiga
Bio: The youngest of the Three Fate sisters, Piper Fate is known as the ‘nicer’ and ‘quieter’ of them all, but really she can be just as malicious, but she is just far more cunning about it. Piper is an emotional ticking time bomb, sometimes her cool, calm and collected appearance can lead people to thinking she is made of stone, when really she is just fantastic at hiding her true emotions. Piper is one of those girls that looks innocent and shy but if it came down to it she would fight for what she knows is right, even if her twisted mind makes her look insane. She is very close with her sisters even though they all constantly bicker over everything she will always protect them, as they seem like all she has sometimes in this world she feels like she doesn’t fit into. Piper likes being alone, people try and make friends with her but she usually either pushes them away or creeps them out which is fine by her as she doesn’t want to waist time with people that are just going to leave when it gets tough and tough is something Piper knows a lot about, she grew up as the youngest of three powerful sisters who would constantly brag about how their skills and talents were far more superior to hers but deep down Piper new she was just as strong and just as powerful as her control over the ‘Present’ let her change peoples decisions as she was speaking to them, twisting the lives of some in dramatic ways and others not so much. Growing up Piper and her sisters knew they were very different then one day their parents sat them down and told them why. There family are decedents of three figures in Greek mythology, very real and very powerful known as the goddesses of destiny, in their family the powers are past down and only show themselves when three girls are born as full sisters. It’s only happened a few times in the family and the last known trace was over 250 years ago, Roxanne, Arden and Piper fit the description, three full sisters. Piper was only young when she found out, so the news of this more confused her than empowered her but as she grew older, she grew wiser with her talents apart from when she got aggravated…Piper can have quite a temper at times and she will find many ways of expressing this, even if it means wiping you off the face of the earth. She. Will. Do. It. 

Piper has a joy in controlling people’s lives, she manipulates them so she can get what she wants but unlike her sisters she doesn’t use this ability 24/7 she doesn’t see the point in wasting time on everyone else’s pathetic problems, so you will never find her using her powers to help others apart from herself which can make her slightly vain. Every now and then she loves to have a little secret fun by messing with an innocent students mind but apart from that, she keeps her power using to a minimum, unless she is on a rampage through the school. So on the odd occasion her sisters do make fun of her she reassures them every day that she knows she can change the fate of someone’s life in a heart beat. 

Pipers simple beauty usually has most of the boys running for her direction, but she doesn’t fall for any of those stupid one liner, romantic dates and walks on the beach she is far more complicated than that, even if it doesn’t show it. A close friend and mild crush of Piper’s is Stefan Hades, he has always been closer with her than her other sisters as she would talk to him about anything and everything, even things she wasn’t meant to talk about like her powers. Her oldest sister, Roxanne frowned on their friendship so they kept what they had to a minimum when she was around, but Hades was someone that could always make Piper truly happy… for a while that is, as Hades is someone she looks up to and would put her life on the line for him. Another issue that has risen of late is Piper’s friendship and possible looming romance with the soul enemy of her cousin Jason, Jack Skellington. Piper feels like Jack really understands her and finds him a pleasure to be around, she stands up for him against anyone and has been known to go out of her way to privately warn him of Jason’s scheming. But with sisters that can see the past and future it’s never really an easy thing to by going around them.

There are holes in the powers of the girls as they can not see any persons, past, present or future that concerned them for example seeing if Roxanne was about to go on a date with Chernabog they would only see him and not her. This is to avoid fallings out between the sisters and is someway the only downside to their powers, nevertheless they do quarrel frequently but never let it get too out of hand. The Fates know everything about everyone, so no one should be surprised if they begin threatening you of spilling a secret that nobody knows about, they have their ways and of course their powers help them discover the things you’d be most ashamed of. But once again, Piper doesn’t use this unless she feels threatened, its for her own gain or it’s to help her sisters.
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