Song Of The Day: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

Hiya !

How you doin ?

Today, we talked about 5sos with my friends. They don't really know them, they just saw the She Looks So Perfect's music video.
And i was like "who's your fave ?" "Did you like the music ?" cause as a member of the 5sosFamiy, i HAD to ask that.
My friends said that they were pretty cool, they liked the song, so i was happy. 
But then, a friend talked about Calum and she said "he's an asian, isn't he ?" and i shouted "NO HE'S NOT AN ASIAN YOU IDIOT !" and they laughed. Idk why, but they laughed. Then all day, we said "he's not an asian" to everybody because we are so weird and they were like "what the f*ck is wrong with these girls ?" but, oh god, that was so funny.

Anyway, hope you like this set.


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