{ Not Afraid - Eminem }
{ December 2nd, 2013 }

I found some items from : @fashion-outfit @heyitsrumbixo and @raining-glitter-xo - love you guys <3

Happy December guys! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your mouths full of turkey! I love this month, it's full of snow and holiday spirit, so I'm spreading the cheer. (: 

...and Catching Fire. :D

They were both sooo good, but since I've already read Catching Fire and knew what was going to happen, I think Ender's Game was better for me.

Everyone at my school is wearing a Katniss braid.
Thought I'd just say that.

Well otherwise, there's nothing interesting in my life except... SNOW!!!

It's time to ski. :D

xx Lily
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Wrote three years ago
@slytherintomypantsdracomalfoy Honestly I tend to agree. Many say they're the best books they've ever read but I can name numerous books that are far better. Harry Potter, for example. I just think the first person makes the book feel like it's not very professional, perhaps that's the way the author wanted it, but the style isn't for me.
You missed that much? What half an hour of a movie did you actually watch? Haha.
I don't have a boyfriend. B) #singlepringle

Wrote three years ago
i hate hunger gamess!!!
i read all three books and i think they're really un descriptive.
me and my boyfriend went to see catching fire and we walked into the wrong screen and missed half an hour of the film.
oh god.

Wrote three years ago
@lesforlana totally agree.

Wrote three years ago
@georgiabooboo meh. the fog went by too fast along with a lot of other aspects, I think they should've caught a shot with johanna with nuts and bolts running out of the blood rain and choking on it. ender's game was better.


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