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Initiation Week
So you think you’re an Avenger now. You’re wrong. Being a part of the World’s Mightiest Heroes team has responsibilities and quite frankly, we have quality control. If you can’t make it through initiation week, it’s best if you didn’t come back to us as we have a reputation to uphold. Here’s a lovely schedule that Pepper Potts has planned for you. Stick to it and you will be fine.
*Hours are reflected in military format.
DAY 1 – JUNE 12
0500 – 0800 | Jogging Session with Captain America (Plus a small breakfast and pep talk from Falcon)
1100 – 1300 | Lunch at the Stark Cafeteria
1400 – 1600 | Costume Fittings (Show us your new superhero attire)
1600 – 1700 | Wrestling Session with Winter Soldier and Black Widow
1700 – 1800 | Workout Session with the Enchantress
DAY 2 – JUNE 13
0500 – 0800 | Rock Climbing with Spiderman (Plus a small breakfast and pep talk from Iron Patriot)
0900 – 1000 | S.H.I.E.L.D. Physical Test
1100 – 1200 | Lunch at the Stark Cafeteria
1400 – 1600 | Workout Session with Thor
1600 – 1800 | Powers Display (Show us your moves)
DAY 3 – JUNE 14
0500 – 0600 | Archery Lessons with Hawkeye
0700 – 0800 | Breakfast Picnic
0800 – 0900 | Therapy Session with Dr. Bruce Banner
1200 – 1300 | Lunch at the Stark Cafeteria
1700 – 1800 | Weapons Assignment with Tony Stark

- - - -

DAY 1 -- JUNE 12
1600 – 1700 | Wrestling Session with Winter Soldier and Black Widow

"Well, well, well. Look who decided to join us, and it’s only four-ten. Color me impressed," Bucky announced, drawing the attention of a room full of SHIELD agents, new and old, to the door at the side of the training center were a tall, blonde woman dressed in a leather jacket and outrageously high heels had just made her grand entrance.

Amora smiled at the crowd of new and familiar faces, giving the room a quick once-over before approaching the infamous Winter Soldier. Her heels tapped against the tile in sync to her unique swagger.

"In the flesh," she smirked, doing a mock curtsy as she approached Bucky. “And make sure to mention that to Coulson. He’s been keeping an extra-close eye on me for God-knows-whatever reason. It’s starting to make me uneasy.”

Bucky let out an exasperated sigh but nodded his head in agreement nonetheless. Amora smiled her thanks before moving her hand to his longer hair, examining a piece between her thumb and index finger. "Nice hair cut, by the way...or lack thereof."

Bucky smirked back mockingly--he was one of the few she'd allow to do such a thing without evaporating them into a puff of green smoke. "Well then, care to demonstrate to our newbies how we here at SHIELD do hand-to-hand combat?"

An entertained chuckle escaped her lips as she shook her head. "Oh, no thank you. That's Natasha's job, not mine. Carry on," she said with a wave of her hand. “I’m just here to visit a few old friends.”

Bucky conceded and motioned for Natasha, fiery red hair and all, to come join him at the front of the room for a little demonstration before lessons began. Amora, on the other hand, found her way to the side where an empty chair awaited her.

She quickly waved to Crystal on her walk over, who looked like she was about to burst from her spot next to two new girls with name tags that read “Jessica Jones” and “Bonita Juarez”. Amora kind of wished she did run after her, but instead she grinned to herself at how composed her old recruits were now, nearly a year later. Dare she say she was proud of them?

Nope. That wasn’t the Amora-way.

Her gaze eventually moved from Crystal to Wanda, who she smiled at genuinely, mouthing the words “Meet me later” to her in hopes that she understood. Amora grinned when Wanda nodded her head in agreement, smiling back at her. From Wanda, moved back to looking over the crowd; mostly new faces, save for a few recognizable ones like her dear friend Jennifer Walters. But her lips pursed into a disapproving grimace when she found Bobbi and Carol, standing next to her each.

“Oh great,” she found herself mumbling, rolling her eyes at two of her less-favorable agents. Luckily, neither of them noticed. Or perhaps they were purposefully trying to avoid her. She was glad either way.

“Hey there hot stuff.”

Amora snapped her head to the side, nearly colliding with Kyle as he stood casually next to her, arms crossed and head titled to the side in his unforgettable cocky fashion. “Oh, it’s you.” She hadn’t even noticed that the agents had begun to disperse around the room, picking partners to spar against after Bucky and Natasha had given a quick demonstration.

“Really? That’s all I get? ‘Oh, it’s yoooouuuu,’” Kyle replied back in an over-exaggerated falsetto voice out of mock-offense that took all of Amora’s energy not to laugh. 

She rolled her eyes back at him instead. Typical Kyle. “Sorry,” she replied, playing him at his own game by over-apologizing.

“I think I could forgive you...if you accept my offer of dinner tonight,” he smirked, even winking to add on the extra cheesiness.

“Not a chance. I’m booked for the night.”
“With who?”
“Tony and I--”
“Oh God, Amora! I do NOT need to know what you and Iron Pants do on your time off--”

She bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing and shook her head. “Tony and I are meeting up over drinks to review a new business venture of his...and then who knows,” she winked, causing Kyle to squirm and close his eyes. “But, I’m free for lunch tomorrow.”

“Wait, the infamous Amora ACTUALLY is agreeing to a date?”

“It’s not a date, Kyle,” Amora corrected in a sing-song tone. “I’m meeting with all of my old agents to, y`know, talk to them, see how they’ve been, what they’ve been up to. SHIELD stuff...sort of.”

“Fiiiiiine,” he exaggerated, smirking mockingly back at Amora one last time before she sauntered off, mentioning something about ‘attempting to be early to her workout session’ to which Kyle replied back with a scoff and a ‘I’d like to see that happen.’

- - -

Day 2 -- JUNE 13
1600 – 1800 | Powers Display (Show us your moves)

“Gotta admit, I’m impressed with this year’s recruits,” Bucky said, leaning back in his chair as both Amora and him observed the agents demonstrating their powers.

“Mhmmm....” Amora mumbled, pursing her lips and narrowing her eyes as she leaned forward in her chair to closely observe the new (blue) girl named Raven. “Particularly her,” she said, nodding her head in Raven’s direction.

Raven must have felt Amora’s watchful eye, because she turned and made direct contact with her, then immediately morphed into an exact clone of Amora herself.

“Woah!” she gasped, falling back in her chair which eliciting a muffled chuckle from Bucky. He was immediately silenced when Amora glared at him as she regained her composure, but he still couldn’t hide his grin. “Keep an eye on that one,” she whispered to him before returning her attention to the agents in front of her.

“Mmm...and who’s the new guy?”
“Who? Him?”

Amora nodded her head at the man Bucky casually pointed to. He was tall, had shaggy hair, dimples and an incredible build. “That’s Peter Quill or, uh...” Bucky quickly glanced down at his roster. “Star Lord, as he calls himself.”

“Star Lord...” she repeated, narrowing her eyes once again to observe him closer this time.

“Don’t get any ideas, Amora,” Bucky sighed, side-eyeing the blonde and rubbing his temples. “He’s kind of infatuated with Gamora.”

“Fine,” she conceded, crossing her arms and once again reclining back in her chair. “But only because she’s a friend.”

“Amora? Having friends? What is this world coming to?”
“Shut up, Barnes, and tell me about that...holy sh.t is that a raccoon..and a tree!?”

Amora gripped the arm rests of her chair, almost raising herself out of the seat until Bucky placed a sturdy hand on her shoulder, settling her back down in the seat. He chuckled lightly and nodded his head. “Rocket, as he prefers. And that’s Groot.”

This “Rocket” must have seen Amora’s reaction, and immediately sauntered over to the two commanding agents. 

“See something you like, Blondie?” Rocket asked, smirking in a way only a raccoon would be able to pull off.

“ talks--”

“And shoots and pilots a damn good starship, if I do say so myself,” Bucky added last.

Amora mouth remained agape, unable to find the words to say something.

“As you were, Rocket,” Bucky interjected, nodding back toward the group of agents practicing their powers. 

Rocket shrugged and retreated back to the group, mumbling something along the lines of “Eh, whatever.”

“And in case you don’t know, that’s Sersi. She’s--”
“I know who she is, smart ass.”

“Fine, anyone else you’d like to piss off?” Bucky asked, staring amusedly at Amora. She swatted him on the chest in retaliation, thankful she had a higher tolerance to pain than normal, or else that hit would have hurt.

“No. Not today at least,” she replied with a satisfied grin.

“Good.” Bucky stood from his chair, stretching briefly before standing to his full, towering height. “Because I have another meeting to attend.”

Amora quirked an eyebrow but asked nothing more. “You expect me to watch over the newbies?”

“It’s not going to hurt you. Plus, if you need any help, Maria here’s. She’s pretty well-versed in who’s who if you have questions.”

Bucky nodded farewell to Amora before slipping out the door. Amora remained silent, quietly observing the new agents before glancing over at Maria. She chewed on her bottom lip, then sighed and waved for the brunette’s attention.

“Maria, can you come here a second? I have a few questions...”

- - -

DAY 3 -- JUNE 14
1700 – 1800 | Weapons Assignment with Tony Stark

“Amora!” Jessica Drew shouted, waving her arm to get the attention of The Enchantress.

Amora turned around at the call of her name and smiled back. 

“Sorry I couldn’t meet with you any earlier than this. My training schedule’s been pretty packed.”

Amora dismissed the apology with a wave of her hand. “Don’t worry about it. As long as you promise to join me for celebratory drinks later this week, I think I could let you slip by with a warning,” she teased.

“That, I can do,” Jessica nodded back. “Look, I really wish I could stay and catch up, but I’m meeting Sharon in a few.”

Amora paused and cocked her head curiously to the side. “Sharon?”

“Yeahh...” Jessica raised a quisitive eyebrow. “You know, tall blond chick. Goes by Agent 13. Has been dealing with some rough things in the past. Do you know her?”

“You don’t say...” Amora mumbled, more for herself than anyone else to here. “Uh, yeah I think I know of her. Anyways, I’ll see you around.”

Jessica waved good-bye before sprinting off in the direction she was headed, leaving Amora alone in the hallway.


Amora briskly walked through the doors of the weapons training room at the headquarters of the Avengers, letting the doors fly open with a quick blast of her energy powers and eliciting a genuine look of shock on Tony Stark’s face as he looked up from tinkering with a half-assembled blaster.

“Woah, look who’s fifteen minutes early to the Weapons Assignment,” he said, glancing down at his wristwatch.

“Save the lecture, Stark. Barnes already beat you to it,” she smirked, approaching the billionaire. She found herself a comfortable seat on his workbench and crossed her legs, smirking at him as he finished up his work.

“And to what do I owe this pleasurable visit? It’s a bit early for a rendezvous, isn’t it?”
“Shut up and tell me what’s Sharon doing here?”
“Sharon! Sharon Carter. Agent 13. You know who I’m talking about. You’ve gotta be behind this. You’ve gotta know something.”

“JARVIS, calibrate the blaster. See if it fires correctly now,” he commanded the AI before looking back up at Amora. “Sorry darling, I honestly don’t know anything about that. That’s more Banner’s problem, not mine.”

She eyed him suspiciously, watching his every movement.

“He’s the pseudo-psychologist who deals with the amnesia problems, not me...Remember?” Tony raised an eyebrow at Amora, alluding to the time she herself had suffered from a bout of amnesia before being terribly reminded of the ‘terrible’ thing she had done beforehand.

“Speaking of still haven’t told me what you’ve been up to for the past, oh, ten months since finding out what the Big Bad SHIELD did to you...or, er, kept from you.”

“I already told you Stark, I was in the South of France,” she growled, glaring at him. 

“Riiiight, coincidentally during the same time of the mass murders and jewel heists?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You sure? Because the French press says otherwise.”
“Are you purposely trying to piss me off?”

“I do like it when you’re angry,” he muttered, narrowing his eyes suggestively.

“Well I can assure you, you won’t tonight,” Amora said curtly in reply, jumping off the table and passing Tony as she headed for the door. 

“So it’s a date, then?” Tony called out just as Amora swung the door open.

“Not a cha--”
“Sue? What are you doing here?”

She took a quick step back to avoid walking into the blond woman standing in front of her.

“I forgot my jacket in here earlier today. Are...are you okay? You look irritated.”

“It’’s just been a long day” Amora sighed, rubbing her temples.

“Well, visiting Tony isn’t going to help that,” Sue said, giving Amora a concerned and sympathetic look. “Just take a breath. Calm down. Remember what I’ve told you.”

Amora begrudgingly obliged and took a few short breaths. “Thanks,” she said at last.

Sue smiled back and shrugged. “Anytime, Agent.”


It was nearing four in the morning and Amora had still not found the sleep she so desperately sought. Her mind was racing from the day’s events, her head was pounding from one too many tequila shots with Tony--who had later apologized for his unhelpfulness and which Amora repaid with an entertaining night for him, brought on by her anger--and there was an unbearable tapping noise that seemed to be coming from the window in her sleeping quarters.

“Dammit,” she hissed, throwing the covers off as she got up from the bed and stalked towards the window to pull open the blinds. 

What she saw staring at her in the window, though, made her gasp in horror and fall back, only to catch herself against something solid. Amora whipped around and stumbled at the sight of Loki standing behind her, smirking amusedly at her reaction.

“Well hello again, Enchantress,” he purred.

Amora subconsciously smoothed her hair down to calm herself. “What are you doing here?” she hissed.

“Coming to see if you’ve held up your end of the bargain.”
“Yes...and have you held up your’s?”
“Of course.”
“Then show me it.”
“Not until you show me the others.”

Amora pursed her lips and shook her head. “Well it seems, then, that we’re at an impasse because not until I see you holding that Infinity Gauntlet in front of me, I’m not telling you were three of the gems are.”

“After all this time, and you still don’t trust me?” Loki asked, concern just barely lacing his tone of voice.

“Don’t you know, Loki? You and I, we can’t be trusted. Not even with each other.”
“Fine. What you seek is still in Asgard. Locked up--safe--where no one can find it.”
“Then in the meantime, do enlighten me on what exactly /you/ want with the final piece? You’ve got Asgard under your control. What more do you want?”

“Do you really want to know?” he purred into her ear, reappearing immediately behind her again.

“What I want to know,” Amora growled, spinning around to confront him once more, this time wielding a dagger of her’s, “Is what’s your final plan?” She asked, pressing the knife against his armored abdomen.

“How about you join me and then I’ll tell you?”
“How about you tell me as repayment for me saving your ass ten months ago.”

Loki chuckled, his voice reverberating, echoing around her room and only her room. “If memory serves me correctly, I already saved you...multiple times. Remember? So in all actuality, you are still indebted to me, love.”

Amora narrowed her eyes angrily. “I’m indebted to no one. And I don’t do ‘team work’. /Remember?/”

Loki laughed again, slowly shaking his head in the process. “Sooner or later, you are going to have to pick a side. You cannot do this forever,” he stalked around her, cornering Amora against the window. “And my suggestion is pick a side you know is going to win. I’ve got Asgard under my belt, and I will have the other nine realms soon, too, just you wait. Choose your side wisely, love. Will it be with this SHIELD, crippled and nearly destroyed, struggling to barely survive like the carcass of an animal cast out in the desert? Or will it be with me? Growing day by day with more power over the nine realms? But do not worry, I’ve got all the time in the world. SHIELD?...not so much.”

And with that last word, Loki disappeared just as quickly as he had come, leaving Amora once more alone in the darkness; the last hope of sleep finally escaping her.

- - - -
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