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helloo there beautiful snowflakes! how ya doin'? i hope your answer is good but if not, why don't you pm me and i'll try my best to put that beautiful smile of yours back on your equally beautiful face. 

wow that's alot of beautifuls. cx
but you deserve every one of them.

now, i have a favor to ask of you.
i want you to go out and live your life to the fullest extent. 
i want you to help others. maybe your neighbor needs help shoveling his driveway, or if it doesn't snow where you live, maybe they need help mowing their lawn. 
they could behaving a terrible day and that one small gesture could lighten their mood like you have no idea.
be the person you could be proud of.

{{ quote of the day; don't let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game ♥ }

~Perrie c:

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Wrote 4 years ago
@missvictoriajustice-anon that is great to hear c:

Wrote 4 years ago
im doing awesome

Wrote 4 years ago
part 2 c: @leightonmeester-an0n @barbara-palvin-anon-xoxo @demi-lovato-anonn ♥ @emily-osment-bieber-anon-babe @ashley-demi-miley-selena-taylor @mad-york @naiaramol-1 @pixiee-anonn @sawahskoutz @shannonanonymous @steph-magallanes @fashionista-308-694 @aylincobos @taylor-selena-demi-an0nymous @ashleygreene-anonymous @luke-brooks-anono @acaciabrinleyclark-anon @l4ndshark @brandyandspook

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